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Eternal Descent To Get Animated

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IDW Publishing continues it’s Day of Music-related news (see here for their announcement of a Broadway Musical based of their upcoming Mars Attacks comic series, which will be co produced by Topps Trading Cards, who produced the original Mars Attacks cards in 1963.)

Now at the other end of the musical spectrum, IDW has teamed up with Calabash Animation to turn the Eternal Descent comic into a  Heavy Metal animated series.

From IDW

Eternal Descent 3

The Eternal Descent comic series from IDW Publishing has bridged the worlds of music and comics like no other, with an army of chart topping heavy metal stars including Joe Satriani, Wayne Static, Gus G, Arch Enemy, Periphery, Shadows Fall, and many more appearing throughout the saga.


In Eternal Descent’s continued effort to explore the unholy alliance between heavy metal and high fantasy, they have teamed up with Calabash Animation, the acclaimed animation studio led by Sean Henry and Wayne Brejcha, to bring an animated reimagining of Eternal Descent!


Eternal Descent 2They are now in pre-production for a 22 minute pilot episode, which would realize Eternal Descent as a fully animated TV show. Eternal Descent is pleased to announce that Mike Sizemore is handling the script, and if you love animation, fantasy, and heavy guitars, then this could be the show you’ve been waiting for! See the preview and find out how you can get involved at:


While Eternal Descent aims to have a complete series commissioned by a network, the pilot will be released online, to be enjoyed for free. The pilot will be launched as an episodic web series with 5 action packed installments!

Eternal Descent is a virtual band created by multi instrumentalist and writer of the Eternal Descent comic book Llexi Leon in 2004.

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