Today at Emerald City Comicon, Image Comics announced that they would be publishing artist Tony Harris’ Roundeye: For Love. Roundeye will be published in six individual issues and, like most limited runs, will also be released as a Hardcover. Tony Harris, possibly most well known for his work on Brian K. Vaughn’s Ex-Machina, wrote, illustrated and colored Rounedeye. Roundeye is yet another Kickstarter success story as, after several attempts, Harris’ final Kickstarter campaign ended successfully in February of last year.
Roundeye:For Love
Roundeye:For Love
follows the story of a character known as Roundeye, a massive white man in feudal Japan. Roundeye falls in love with a woman named Tulip, the wife of a samurai known as Yoshitsuni. Yoshitsuni rules the feudal state the story takes place in. Roundeye and Tuplip’s secret love affair produced a child, alerting Yoshitsuni to their affair. After exiling both Tulip and Roundeye, Yoshitsuni is given ‘the sight’ (the ability to know what an enemy is going to do before he does it) by a Shinto demon in exchange for him blinding himself. The story continues as Roundeye fights his way back to his love and Yoshitsuni leads an army of blind samurai who do his bidding.

Originally, IDW Comics was set to publish Roundeye: For Love as a serialized release, as part of an anthology. The serials were to later be collected into a hardcover edition, similar to what Image is currently planning on doing with the series. It is unclear why IDW Comics will not be publishing Roundeye. It is also unclear why Roundeye, which was originally intended to be a graphic novel, remained in the serialized format after it became apparent that IDW would not be publishing it. The release date for Roundeye is as of yet unknown. Harris’ work can also be seen in his upcoming collaboration with writer Steve Niles titled Chin Music.
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