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ECCC 2012: Brian Wood Announces New Series, The Massive

Michael Wirth 03/30/2012 Reviews

Emerald City Comic Con is just a few hours in but already we have a flurry of news coming down the pipeline. Brian Wood, writer of the critically acclaimed series DMZ, Demo, Northlanders and Dark Horse ComicsConan The Barbarian, was placed in the spotlight, addressing a room full of people concerning his upcoming work.

One of the biggest announcements Wood made was that The Massive, a three-part story that appeared Dark Horse Presents, will be getting an on-going series starting in June. The Massive, illustrated by Kristian Donaldson, will deal with many of Wood’s environmental thoughts and will be, in Wood’s own words, “an even bigger world than DMZ.”  Wood promises fans that though The Massive will have a heavy political bend to it (“I have heavy anti-war beliefs”), it won’t be preachy or divide audiences. In an attempt to maximize the story, The Massive will be broken up into 3 issue arcs, with the single issues having additional content that won’t be seen in the collected or digital editions. The extra content will be about 4 pages per issue and explore the world deeper than the narrative itself does.

Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson present a new ongoing series from Dark Horse ComicsBut the news of The Massive was not the only thing discussed by the legendary writer. When asked about his relationship with Dark Horse Comics versus his past work with Vertigo, Wood stated, “They edit me at Dark Horse a lot more,” asking him to justify his reasoning for what he’s doing. However, Wood did say that working for Dark Horse “has all the benefits of working at a big company while working at a small one.

Wood was asked about his reading preferences, especially pertaining to comics, replying that he doesn’t read other creators much. “It’s hard to read comics once you know how the hot dog is made.” He, of course, did say that he reads a lot of his friends work, naming Warren Ellis, Jason Aaron, and Becky Cloonan.

Eventually, the conversation turned to the topic of Wood’s penchant for research. Realizing the amount of research that went into his story Northlanders, Wood stated that he is “trying to dial it back a little” pertaining to the research for The Massive. As far as what he is currently researching? “Politics of food, water and Somali pirates.”

The Massive will be in stores June 13. Be sure to stay tuned to Comic Booked for news on Wood’s newest series as it becomes available, as well as for all of your Emerald City Comic Con updates!

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