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EC Archives To Return This November!

Skott Jimenez 09/16/2011 Reviews

Some great news for fans of some of the best comic books ever published in these United States! The only question now is how does this affect the previously announced EC reprints from Fanagraphics?

For immediate release:

First-generation EC Comics fan Russ Cochran and second-generation EC Comics aficionado Grant Geissman have established a boutique imprint called GC Press, LLC. The imprint is dedicated to the high-quality preservation of the 1950s EC Comics—in book form, and presenting complete issues, the way EC originally intended! The EC comic books have long since becomeEC Comics legendary for their extraordinarily high level of both writing and artwork. Originally regarded as mere ephemera, mint copies of the original 1950s issues can now command thousands of dollars. GC Press, LLC is devoted to keeping these classic comic books, as well as other fine EC-related products, in print for this—and future—generations to enjoy.

First up from the imprint is a continuation of the EC Archives series (which was originally published by Gemstone.) The first books to appear will be The Haunt of Fear Vol. 1 (containing the first six issues of that title, with a Foreword by Robert Englund and historical notes by Grant Geissman), and The Vault of Horror Vol. 2 (containing issues 7-12, with a Foreword by John Landis and historical notes by Bhob Stewart). The stories have been digitally re-colored based on the original 1950s Marie Severin colorings, but the new digital coloring allows subtleties of tone and shading that was not possible on the cheaply-printed original comics. All of the cover reproductions are taken from the original 1950s comics, using the finest copies available—including Gaines File Copies. The full-color, hardcover books (in colorful, illustrated dust jackets) will be solicited in the September issue of Diamond’s Previews, and will ship to stores in November. Retail price on each volume is $49.95.

EC ComicsRuss Cochran bought EC comic books right off the newsstands in the 1950s, and was an original member of the EC Fan-Addict Club. Over the past forty years, Cochran has published an important array of high-quality EC reprint publications, beginning in 1971 with the EC Portfolios. Spanning a period of many years, he published a black and white series of EC reprints (with the covers in color) entitled The Complete EC Library, which is widely credited with exposing the EC comics to younger generations, including a number of Hollywood filmmakers. Cochran is also a lifetime guitar picker, and has published books about his guitar idols, including Les Paul and Chet Atkins.

Grant Geissman began reading MAD magazine (which was also published by EC) in 1961 at the age of eight, and began collecting EC material around 1965 when he discovered the short series of EC reprints published by Ballantine Books in paperback book form. He is the author of Collectibly MAD/The MAD and EC Collectibles Guide (1995), Tales of Terror! The EC Companion (with Fred von Bernewitz, 2000), and Foul Play! The Art and Artists of the Notorious 1950s EC Comics! (2005). Geissman is also a jazz guitarist with fourteen solo albums to his credit, and he currently co-writes the music to the CBS-TV sitcoms Two and a Half Men and Mike & Molly.


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  1. richard tereba 12/06/2012 at 1:56 pm

    wnen and where can I find these EC archives???? been to long!!!!! is two fisted tales coming back?

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