DC Comics has given us another sneak peak at The New 52 “Second Wave” coming in May. Today we are shown Earth 2 Supergirl, Karen Starr. The design seems to stay close to the already released Supergirl, Kara Zor-EL and completely different than the previous costume Karen infamously sported as Power Girl.  Her cape coming from the Shield Emblem off her shoulder was a nice touch, very much like the previous version of Power Girl’s offset cape.  I think the gloves and belt are a little too much, bulky and excessive, however I love that they went with blue bottoms. The line down the middle of her torso needs to be fixed immediately, what woman would willingly sport a front wedgie?  Over all her look isn’t too horrible, I do wish they had done something to distinguish her more from Supergirl and let Power Girl be more of a standalone character not a copy. Here is what DC has to say about the newest Earth 2 hero.

“Superman’s cousin loves her adopted world with a passion, seeing how the people of Earth have adopted her and taken her to their hearts,” said EARTH 2 writer James Robinson. “She is the definitely brightest light among this first group of Earth 2 heroes.”


“Meet the Earth 2 Supergirl, aka Karen Starr,” said WORLDS’ FINEST editor Wil Moss. “As readers of MISTER TERRIFIC already know, Karen has been busy since she arrived on the main DCU Earth, creating a successful company and dating the brilliant Michael Holt. But what are her true motives behind those actions? How did she get here? And what incident prompts her to take up her new identity of Power Girl? Find out in WORLDS’ FINEST #1!”


Here’s a first look at the Supergirl of Earth 2, designed by Kevin Maguire.

Supergirl Earth 2 Karen Starr

What do you guys think of the new look for Karen Starr? Are you loving her new shield or missing her old one let us know in the comments and keep checking back with ComicBooked.com for your up to date DC news!