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Sony, in a surprising turn of events, managed not to be hacked during their E3 press conference (it would allegedly happen shortly thereafter, according to the hacker group LulzSec that has claimed credit for yet another hack).  After a 15 minute delayed start, SCEA president and CEO Jack Trenton apologized for the inconvenience of the long PSN outage without managing to talk about the security breach or stolen user info.  All of that unpleasantness aside, Sony managed to make a few intriguing announcements that we shall take a look at in this Sony E3 highlight article.

Uncharted 3was demoed first thing and is looking awesome in a new setting, with new and improved water effects.  The next installment of Naughty Dog’s excellent PS3-exclusive game series is always eagerly anticipated.  The game is scheduled to hit store shelves in early November of this year; with multiplayer beta testing set to start on June 28th.  Many people commented that by kicking things off with Uncharted 3, the rest of the conference would be hard pressed to compete.

The next demo of Resistance 3 would lend support to the above mentioned theory.  Set in a bleak and post-apocalyptic backdrop, the few remaining members of the human race will make their last stand against the alien Chimera in this Insomniac SF-FPS.  Resistance 3 will have Move capability, much to the joy of the 3 people that actually own a Move controller (I kid, I kid).

The earlier God of War games, as well as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were again confirmed for a re-mastered HD PS3 re-release collections, and are now set to go on sale in September.   These games will now be able to be played in 3D.

What’s that you say?  Who really has 3D monitors?  Well if Sony has anything to say about it, you may soon.  Sony also announced a new PlayStation-branded 24 inch 3DTV monitor that will ship with Resistance 3 and a pair of 3D glasses for around a $500 price-point.   This new monitor will reportedly allow two people playing in the same room to have 2 separate, full-screen viewing angles.  It will be interesting to see if this less expensive 3D monitor is an option that will appeal to consumers.  Judging from the skepticism voiced by a few of the people in attendance, that really remains to be seen.

A plethora of other games were demoed, including:   NBA 2K12, Medieval Moves, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Dust 514, StarHawk, SSX, Need For Speed:  The Run, Star Trek, and Infamous 2(which just came out and I will be reviewing here at in the near future).  A couple other games of genuine interest included:  Battlefield 3 that will ship with a free copy of Battlefield 1943, and BioShock Infinite that will include a copy of the first BioShock game on the same Blu-Ray disc.


In maybe the biggest reveal of the Sony event, the PSP successor finally got a name and a price.  Formerly known as the NPG (next generation portable), the new handheld is now known as the Vita (Latin for “life”).  The new product is expected to ship in time for the winter holidays, with the wi-fi version selling for $250, and the AT&T 3G-enabled model selling for $300.  The AT&T part of the announcement received a few groans from those in attendance.  I will spare you the details of the Vita itself, as they have not been a secret for some time now, having been written about on many sites and print publications.  Needless to say the unit is said to be quite powerful, and will be a much-needed replacement for the PSP.  Early Vita game support looks interesting with Uncharted:  Golden Abyss, LittleBigPlanet, and Ruin as titles that stand out so far.  At any rate, I sincerely hope Vita receives better game support than PSP has gotten, and fewer “upgrade’ models released a couple months after a consumer decides to upgrade and purchases a new device (ahem).

Overall Sony didn’t have a bad press conference, even if the recent rash of online security problems and negative press may have overshadowed the event to some extent.  Many fans had been hoping for news about The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal or Grand Theft Auto 5, but they will apparently have to wait.  The next day, Nintendo would really steal the E3 show.  You can read about it right here at, by checking out Kyle Black’s new article.  We also have the latest Microsoft E3 news as well.  Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

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