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Doctor Who Comics Move to Titan Comics

David Vandervliet 01/22/2014 News

Titan Comics is the new home for Doctor Who comics.

It has been known for some time that our favorite Time Lord was changing publishers in 2014. Rumors that the UK based Titan would be given the North American license had been floating since last summer, but now it’s official. After 5 years with IDW, Doctor Who comics will be produced by Titan for the foreseeable future.

Doctor Who ComicsNo dates given yet as when to expect the new comics, or how many books they will be producing.

The license is focused on the 21st century iteration of the long running TV show. As the press release states, they will begin with the last two versions of the Doctor, (David Tennant and Matt Smith) and after Series 8 debuts this fall, Peter Capaldi.

It is not clear if they will be offering an ongoing series for each Doctor they have in their license, or if they will only do one book and rotate the cast, or if they will be doing series of miniseries, but we know they will only be featuring Doctors 10-12. The license apparently doesn’t include the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, or any Doctors from the original series. IDW used the classic versions sparingly, and only in special events, never in the ongoing monthly series.


From their press release:

In the universe of Doctor Who, regenerations bring not only a new Doctor but often a fresh look and feel to the series … and BBC Worldwide is bringing that same approach to Doctor Who comics as it signs a new deal with Titan Comics. The deal will open up the world of Doctor Who and provide fans with new stand alone adventures featuring the Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor and after the new series launch, the Twelfth Doctor. Creative and production teams will be announced in the coming weeks and the first comic books will be released in 2014.

The Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor, saw Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor regenerated into the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. The next season is now in production and will premiere in 2014.

Titan Comicsis the comics and graphic novel division of global publishing giant Titan, a pioneer that has proven itself over three decades with internationally-recognized brands such as James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, as well as creator-owned successes like Tank Girl, Lenore, and Death Sentence. Titan’s magazine division is the largest publisher of licensed entertainment properties in the US.


Are you looking forward to these Doctor Who Comics?

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