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Doctor Strange Feature Film Gains A Director

Bill Ivie 06/05/2014 Movies and TV

Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson The folks at Marvel Studios have been busy laying the groundwork for future projects.  The latest announcement comes for the upcoming feature film Doctor Strange.  Scott Derrickson has been selected as a director.

The movie itself shows just how far Marvel is willing to go with their cinematic universe.  While Strange is a character deeply rooted in the history of Marvel, he is a bit of a stretch from the types of characters we have seen featured on the movie side of the company.  He debuted in comics in a 1963 issue of Strange Tales.

Strange is considered the primary protector of Earth from magical and mystical threats, the Sorcerer Supreme.  Not a superhero as much as he is a wizard and master of black magic, Strange will challenge movie-goers to dive deeper into the science fiction side of comic book lore.  His origin story is complex and focuses on him training under the current Sorcerer Supreme before taking over.

If the story of Doctor Strange is going to challenge fans, the villains he will likely encounter have the potential to drive the casual fan away.  Mystical and philosophical enemies fill the pages of Doctor Strange.  Marvel has the chance to use the film to cross-over with some more mainstream focus, however.  Strange has been connected to The Avengers at times, has been used in multiple supporting roles for the likes of Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four and has faced off against super villains Doctor Doom and Loki.

Possibly the most interesting intertwining story for Strange involves The Defenders.  Strange was featured in the same storylines that gave birth to the original Defenders and later was a part of the story that formed a New Defenders and reunited the original team.  The team that comprised The Defenders is set to be featured in a collection of television series being developed for Netflix release.  This could give Marvel an excellent, and very logical, place to allow those characters to cross paths with the cinematic universe.

Derrickson comes to the project with moderate success on the big screen and a small amount of big-budget film experience.  He was the director for Fox’s The Day The Earth Stood Still and also found success behind the camera for The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  He wrote and directed Sinister, which is reportedly due to get a sequel in the near future.  His movie Deliver Us From Evil will debut in theaters in July of this year.

He is new to the spotlight but Marvel seems confident that he has the vision to bring Doctor Strange to the big screen in a fantastic way.

The story may have potential, but it really seems like Marvel is going to have to be careful not to challenge their fans too much with this one.

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