It’s contest time again. Have you ever wanted to be in a commercial? Well now’s your chance, Comic Booked wants you to make a commercial for Go wild, be as creative as you want but there are a few rules you have to play by: All submissions must be two minutes or less, if it’s longer than two minutes it won’t even be considered. Also, keep it clean. No vulgarity or nudity, again if there is either your video willl not even be considered. Finally all submissions become property of Comic Booked LLC and will be used at the discretion of Comic Booked LLC.

Have fun with it guys, be creative. Make the commercial you would want to see and put your own spin  on it without offending or alienating anyone. Comic Booked’s own Colin Bass has given you an example of how awesome your video can be, check it out.

Remember this is a commercial for Comic Booked and your commercial could end up the official commercial for our website! We know that’s not enough so there’s prizes. First place not only has bragging rights to the official commercial but also five graphic novels. Second place will recieve two graphic novels. But that’s not all, we’re digging through our Comic Booked swag to find some additional prizes to be announced a little later this month.

So, get to work, the last day for submissions is November 30th. Give it your best and get those videos to me at [email protected]. Have fun and get Comic Booked!