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Didio on DC’s “Future” and weekly titles.

David Hinspeter 02/28/2014 News

So Detective Comics has surprised a lot in the last few years. With the bold relaunch of their universe and a seemingly ever-changing line up of ongoing titles, not to mention their special publishing events like the #0 month and villains month, DC has really been making a lot of interesting choices.  2014 is really no different.

Dan Didio, Co-publisher of DC comics, has had a lot to say about the New 52’s new direction. That direction truly is upward an onward. Futures End is going to be the second weekly series beginning this year. The first, Batman Eternal starts in April, and, according to Didio, a third is scheduled to begin in October.

Didio on new 52Didio on new 52

Futures End follows a significant tradition of weekly series, most notably 52, Countdown to Final Crisis, and Trinity. As the name suggests, Futures End will be a future heavy story, that begins 35 years into the future, and continues at five years in the future. Stories in the vein of the future aren’t unknown to DC. Story archs such as Kingdom Come, The Dark Knight Returns, and series such as Justice League 3000 and Batman Beyond Universe paint vivid pictures of the future of the DC universe. Even small glimpses such as Grant Morrison’s infamous issue #666 of Batman and Geoff John’s Green Lantern #20 aren’t as rare as you would expect. In September, Futures End, will be supported by an entire month of “possible futures” for each of the ongoing series that are running. September will include new titles that will be launching this summer and have 3D covers similar to those of “villains month,” though the images will shift into future depictions of the protagonists. A large portion of the future story telling is tied into current writers speculating on where they see their titles being in five years. So it’s not as much of a crazy theme, but a real meditation on where these characters could be going.

Didio on new 52Didio on new 52

Fans of Grifter and Stormwatch will be happy, as they are both prominent in Futures End. However, some of the weaker titles, will be going away. Presumably Talon and Nightwing, both being cancelled in March, are amongst these.

Didio believes that three weekly comics will help reinvigorate the industry as interest has seemed to be quieting down, and DC is now well known as the company willing to stoke the fire! With issue #0, DC looked at the past, with the villains month and the launch of the new 52 they looked at the present, and it just seemed natural to look towards the future.  With such an ambitious plan, Didio wants show the world…

…big, bold and just craziness that we can bring to comics…

So starting in April, Batman Eternal will be a series published EVERY WEEK! In May, Futures End will also begin, and come out weekly! A surprise brand new weekly series will begin in October, hot on the heels of a September that will feature the “possible future gimmick” as a highlight in every title New 52 wide!

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