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Diana Sprinkle’s World: Indie Goodness

Comic Booked Guest Writer 07/25/2012 Features, Reviews

Welcome to the world of the weird, wild, and whimsical! By that, I am referring especially to the cheerfully bizarre, one-of-a-kind work of an independent comic artist called Diana Sprinkle.

Diana Sprinkle was one of several indie artists present at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, and with her were several samples of her artwork. As a freelancer, Diana has done work on many fronts. She’s written multiple comic books herself as well as illustrating books for others, and she also does some other design work and T-shirt illustrations. Most of her works are delightful, single-panel comics featuring unusual looks at the world around us. Animals are usually present, especially cats, and the humor ranges from amusing to mildly sickening.

Diana SprinkleAfter looking through the t-shirts and single panel comics, I can safely say that Diana Sprinkle’s site is worth a look. The world she presents shows the common suddenly made uncommon and puts ideas together in a way that no one else could have thought. Some of the designs are just plain fun, like “Sweater Kittens” (three kittens with knitting patterns on their fur) or “Bunny Family Tree” (a tree with bunnies on the branches). Others go down the range of puzzling or even disturbing, such as a picture of a cat vomiting kittens. Puns are also common, including the pixilated “Copy Cat” or the adorable “Beam Me Up,” which features a scruffy Scottish terrier in a Starfleet uniform.

One of the things that I’ve found particularly fascinating about Diana Sprinkle’s work is how it could be so well adapted to different forms. Although she does have regular comic books that she’s written and/or illustrated, her single panel designs can show up as colorful posters, as illustrations online, or even as T-shirts which she sells herself on her site. The T-shirts especially have been popular, and so far five of the designs have also been featured by LOL-mart shirts.

There is something perky and colorful for everyone in Diana Sprinkle’s world, and if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your summer you might find something just plain irresistible in her supply of illustrations and designs.

Beam Me Up

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