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Desktop Gremlins: The Ultimate Cut-Outs

Comic Booked Guest Writer 11/15/2012 Reviews

You can get the book or download them for free. They’re fun to make, share, display, and blame for all your problems. What are they? Desktop Gremlins! Landis Productions has officially announced their arrival in the release below:


Landis Productions unleashes an internet art project named Desktop Gremlins are free downloadable papercraft construction projects that are fun to build, display and share. Conceived to be a creative diversion that showcases Landis illustration and brand development, Desktop Gremlins are invading the world. The site has received OVER ONE MILLION pageviews since its launch and has welcomed OVER 250,000 visitors from all over the planet. Build your own mischief-maker today!
In other news – Landis Productions has been busy working on version 6.0 of Of course, more samples have been added to the site, but also some in-depth thoughts explaining how design can give you a critical advantage in this marketplace–the spark that differentiates you from the crowd. Now more than ever, you need to make sure your brand, marketing and promotion are firing on all cylinders.


Desktop Gremlins Octopus

Who wouldn’t like to start up a collection of Gremlins? It’s free, so you have nothing to lose. And if you love them, you can buy the book, with which the gremlins look great from the back as well as from the front. Just be warned: gremlins of any sort can be highly addictive. Once you start up your collection, you might not be able to stop!

Please share your thought, excitement, or fears in the comments area below, and stay tuned to Comic Booked for more information on the best new toys and games. If you LOVE these little Gremlins, PLEASE check out the Kickstarter, every little bit helps. The little Gremlins are just plain ol’ cool, and we’d say deserve a pledge. Awesome Desktop Gremlins?…..BACKED! Thank you for stopping by, Get Comic Booked Today!

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  1. Sokos6 11/15/2012 at 5:08 pm

    Couldn't help but back this project. Dave is an awesome guy, and I love Gremlins. My kids, love Desktop Gremlins…..Lots of fun, definitely check them out!

  2. Knighti2 11/15/2012 at 5:57 pm

    I got enough gremlins running around with out having to add more to my desk. hahahaha

    • Scorp_Moonopoly 11/16/2012 at 12:21 am

      seriously, I know I do, they keep re-arranging my desktop icons

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