I have been collecting comics for almost forty years now and they’ve mostly been DC Comics. I’ve just always liked their characters, their costumes and their artists better than any other publisher.  I have seen many different changes and reboots time after time after time. I’ve only seen the logo change a couple of times though.

When I first saw the new logo in black and white I was both surprised and not very happy. My first thoughts were along the lines of “this is stupid looking” and “this would work better for that shoe company”. Eventually I saw the new logo in color and the way they are planning on using it. Now I have to say, at least it’s better than what I first thought.

DC Comics' new logoI still can’t say I’m completely sold on this new look, but I don’t buy the comics for the logos anyway. I buy the comics for the characters and creators. Which brings to mind another new change: the DCNU. I have to admit, I haven’t been picking up these new titles except for Justice League and Superman. For the last few years I have been more into buying the hardcovers and trade paperbacks as they are easier to store, take up less room and last longer with repeated readings. Until I read more of the new books I’ll have to reserve judgement on how I feel about the change.

I understand DC wanting to update their universe and even their logo for a new generation, but it seems to be happening with increasing frequency. What will happen if the sales spike from this doesn’t last? Will we be treated to yet another new universe and new iterations of the characters and a new logo as well? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of change. When Byrne revamped Superman in ’86 I just knew I was going to hate it. I bought the issues and remarkably, I liked it. Maybe I’ll like this change too. We’ll see.

Overall, I don’t think the changing of their logo is cause for much distraction. It’s still the same company with the same characters and costumes. Just newer. Different. Changed.