In what had to be the biggest group of creators in one panel, DC had writers or artists from eleven different comics on stage at NYCC.

Writer Scott Snyder (Swamp Thing, American Vampire), still can’t believe he’s working on the book he’s wanted to work on for a long time. He says he used to talk with Vertigo editor, Karen Berger about his love of Swamp Thing. Snyder went on to tell us that the book is going to be closely tied with Animal Man with Animal Man being The Red whereas Swamp Thing being The Green. Both characters will be facing a new force opposing them, The Rot.

Back is Swamp Things wife Abby, tougher than before and is now aligned with the Arcane Family, Swamp Things longtime nemesis who now serves The Rot.

Speaking of Animal Man, writer Jeff Lamire (Sweet Tooth),¬†announced that even though the title of the book is Animal Man, the star of the book is the entire family stating, “It’s a book about family at it’s core.”

We will be introduced to The Totem in upcoming issues. The Totem is Animal Mans equivalent to The Greens Parliment of Trees. While Animal Man is connected to The Red, he is not destined to be the avatar of The Red (like Swamp Thing being the avatar of The Green.) That destiny belongs to his daughter Maxine.

Also written by Lamire is Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E where in issue #5 will feature a crossover with another DC title OMAC. However, this is not your typical two parter, it’s just the same story from a different point of view. Interesting, Keith Giffen, OMACs scripter and artist (also see Lobo and I Luv Halloween), took a little umbridge by saying, “You don’t have to buy both books.” Finally the Ray Palmer that you see in the book is not The Atom…yet.

So, it looks like DC is doing a good job at keeping us in “The Dark” with these and other Edge titles in the New 52, keep coming back to Comic Booked to shed light on DCs dark side and keep you informed on all your favorite titles. Get Comic Booked For Life.