Kid Flash gets his first solo adventure in the pages of DC Universe Presents #12, which will be written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Jorge Jimenez. What can we expect from the young speedster one-shot? Editor Eddie Berganza hints at dinosaurs, or Dino teens? Apparently we will get a glimpse of this in the form of back-ups featured in Teen Titans #11 and #12, the prologue and epilogue for DC Presents #12.

“The Teen Titans survived the Culling and are in for some Prehistoric adventures in both SUPERBOY and TEEN TITANS number tens on the aptly named Mystery Island. And when all is said and done, they will be taking home some souvenirs,” editor Eddie Berganza revealed to THE SOURCE.

Keep an eye on the Mystery Island stories to get an idea what Kid Flash will be dealing with in his solo adventure. Kid Flash fans, is this what you have been waiting for? Or do you prefer to read about him in the pages of Teen Titans? We’ll have to wait till August 15th to know how well Kid Flash runs on his own but for now here is a promo piece from Ryan Sook the cover artist.

DC Universe Presents #12