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DC Universe Online to Releases First DLC Pack!

James Victor Von Halstead 09/02/2011 Reviews

Hello video game fans, we got some great news today, as the first DLC pack was announced for DC Universe Online. The content, titled Fight for Light, will be released on September 6th. DC Universe Online is a real-time MMO game from Sony Online Entertainment, and lets you create your own hero or villain within the DC Universe, and battle with and against other players.

Now one feature I have been waiting patiently for since I bought the game upon it’s release was the ability to join the Green Lantern Corps. I just want that power ring so badly! Well not to worry, because with the release of Fight for Light players will now have the option to join either the Green Lantern Corps, or the Sinestro Corps as reservist members.

DCUO Fight For Light

With the introduction of the Green Lantern, we will also get the seventh power set for the game, Light. The new content will also include the addition of new missions, among them a battle with the Red Lantern Corps in Coast City, a prison break at the Sciencells and a battle for control of Star Labs. You will also take on some classic Green Lantern villains.

Green Lantern will join other heroes, such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. And if you have a villainous side to you, you can join forces with the Joker, Lex luthor and Circe. Although not stated in the announcement, one has to wonder if Sinestro will be added to that list. If he is, then I’ll have two new characters to create next Tuesday!

The DLC pack will be free to current players, as a thank you for staying with the game, especially considering all the trouble Sony encountered earlier this year. DC Universe Online is available on PC and PlayStation 3. How excited are you to join the Corps? Sound off in the comments!


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