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DC Universe Online Game Update 9: Assemble For Battle!

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DC Universe Online has Update 9 on the way! So far what has been announced focuses on making it easier for people to get more involved in end game content. Are the raids too tough for you? Novice raids will soon be available, same story, same action, slightly easier, slightly less quantity in rewards. At least there is still forward progression for those of us not raid ready. Another interesting option you can find in the next update is the “Role Optional Alert”. In case you have a hard time joining alerts because you’re one of a million controllers qued, there will now be an option to have a group of any combination including more than one of the four roles.

My first thought about Role Optional Alerts was, wouldn’t that make things unbalanced? Turns out Update 9 also comes with an answer to this, if you’re in a group that lacks the buffs needed by any major role., you get that buff, as long as you stay together. For example, no tank means you take slightly less damage, no healer, controller or damage dealer means you get a slight regeneration buff triggered at a certain health loss level. No controller and you’ll get periodic power back, the amounts will vary.

So if you, like me have found yourself stuck in DCUO needing to find a League powerful enough to help you… Don’t worry, Update 9 is for us, and we can Assemble in the que and finally max out and raid together! So tell us, is Update 9 what you’ve been waiting for?

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  1. Ortegatron 01/30/2012 at 11:06 pm

    I haven't been in love with this game. We talk but there is no spark. Maybe this will change that.

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