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DC Teases What’s Coming for Forever Evil

Kelly Cassidy 07/17/2013 News, Reviews

Not too long ago, we announced that, following the Trinity War arc over the 3 Justice League books and then Villain’s Month we can expect to see a new DC crossover where the baddies win – Forever Evil. DC has not told us the details of the books, but they have been passing around the tagline along with the full group poster:

Forever Evil

With a tagline like “When the unimaginable happens!” you know that DC has to have something pretty hot in the works, especially to top what’s going on in the Trinity War! (Have you read part 1? We review it here on Comic Booked!)

But along with the above image, which came out some time ago, DC has been releasing a few other teaser images surrounding the event. And why not? If you look at the image above, you find a few surprises… Most notable among them that Black Adam appears alive and well, and Batman is standing among the group. Wait, Batman? As a bad guy? Say it can’t be so!

When the poster first came out there was tons of speculation online as to what was going on for this to happen, but alongside the new images longtime DC fans may be piecing together the details. Here are the three teasers and the books they represent.

Forever EvilGreen Lantern – It looks like we have a new female Green Lantern taking on the mantle here. It’s not impossible, now that the Guardians are gone, that the Lanterns could choose what exactly they want to do with their powers. After all, green is  the power of will and the rings had chosen individuals who were essentially without fear. But there was nothing in that description to say that those people had to be good! We have seen a few female Green Lanterns from Earth in the previous DCU – Jade wore the power ring for a while and we even say Kyle’s ex, Alex, wearing it in the crossover Circle of Fire – but who’s saying that this character is from Earth? Maybe it’s focusing on someone else in the Corps going bad, although I don’t think that’s the case… Before I give you my theory let’s look at the other posters.

Forever EvilNightwing – This doesn’t look good for Dick Grayson. One of the strategies of Forever Evil is that some of the heroes don’t come out alive. Although this is a little too blatant for DC marketing, this is hinting that poor Nightwing has some kind of tragedy befall him. We don’t know what, who, or why, but it’s evident by the poster that DC is hinting at something. I don’t think they’d go so far as to kill him, as this is the original freakin’ Robin! But it very well could lead to some sort of disaster for the former Boy Wonder, especially given his new locale and their love for masks. But with that poster we get to…

Forever EvilTeen Titans – The visuals here indicate that the team is destroyed. Why do I say that? The logo is broken, shattered. And we see 2 people walking away… and that red boot looks kind of familiar, don’t you think? But wait, Superman wouldn’t go bad, would he? And who’s that woman with him? We all know that Superman and Wonder Woman are an item, and that is most definitely not the Amazon’s boot. Catwoman, maybe, but not Wonder Woman.

So what’s going on?

Here’s my theory, and longtime fans for the DC universe – pre-Crisis – may love or hate me for saying this…

I think the multiverse is back in force and we are seeing the Crime Syndicate of America. This was an equivalent team to the Justice League on Earth-3 back in the day, only they were… well, evil. The team was made up of counterparts of the Justice League but with slight variations, as we would expect. Ultraman. Superwoman. Power Ring. Owlman. Although the original Power Ring was a man, with the universal changes, why couldn’t someone new wield the ring? Batman is not clearly identified, but seeing as how his main book will be pre-occupied with his Year Zero event at this time, it makes sense to go for the senior-most Bat-family member in Dick, which may also explain why there is a Batman in the team cover.

Regardless of how this plays out and what it means, I’m really hoping that DC can keep things a bit mum on this. I’d live to discover what happens in the story when actually reading the story, not weeks earlier in the news. Yes, we report the news for comics, but since they are saying that the unimaginable… the unthinkable… the unexpected… and the unbelievable happen, let’s let DC surprise us in the pages of the books. Do what Joss Whedon did when he brought Colossus back in Astonishing X-Men – let everyone read the book and have their jaws drop open when that pivotal moment happens.

Oh, but does anyone else think that we might be seeing a Monitor showing up sometime soon?


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  1. jeffhillwriter 07/19/2013 at 3:00 am

    I think you're theory is absolutely perfect and I really hope it's right. Regardless, this is going to be AWESOME. I'm beyond pumped for this!

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