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DC Second Wave Review: World’s Finest

Jordamus Prime 05/03/2012 Reviews

World’s Finest spins straight out of the events of Earth 2, continuing the story of Supergirl and Robin as they find themselves stranded in an alternate reality. It doesn’t take long for the two of them to figure things out, settle down into new identities and take on new personas as Powergirl and the Huntress (as this universe they’ve found themselves in already had a Supergirl and a Robin).

Worlds Finest stars Power Girl and HuntressThe story here takes place 5 years after Kara and Helena were stranded in the standard new 52 DCU, so they’ve had plenty of time to adjust to their new surroundings and get used to the lay of the land. We see a series of flashbacks in which the two of them adjust to their new home, but there isn’t a whole lot to be said that wasn’t pretty much a given anyway. There is a series of explosions in a lab owned by Kara (who has set herself up with a new identity as a wealthy media mogul to cover up her own plans to find a technology that can transport herself and Helena back home), so the pair set off into the burning laboratory to investigate before being attacked by a mysterious stranger as the issue comes to a close.

I really wanted to like this book, but its mediocrity is simply astounding. As a companion title to Earth 2, I can see it being kind of enjoyable, but if I hadn’t read Earth 2 beforehand I don’t think I would have enjoyed this title even half as much as I did (which really wasn’t much to begin with). Paul Levitz script feels pretty weak, and while there are a couple of interesting moments, the issue certainly takes its time getting to them. While I generally love George Perez’ artwork, it doesn’t quite feel like it fits this title very well. That is in no way to imply that Perez’ work is bad in this title, because it isn’t, but it just feels out of place.

Fans ranted for months about wanting to see Powergirl and Huntress back in the DCU, and now that we’ve got them they feel so different from the incarnations fans are used to that it’s hard to enjoy them. While Huntress is characterized well (and while I love the idea that Huntress was the Robin of Earth 2), Powergirl is the exact opposite and feels like a boring, bland character that exists solely to show gratuitous T-and-A shots of. While I personally couldn’t really get into this title, I can certainly see why some fans might want to stick it out and see where Levtiz and Perez go with it. World’s Finest is certainly the most ‘hit-or miss’ title of Second Wave so far.

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  1. Terry Webster 05/04/2012 at 4:16 am

    Now I understand the story that the new 52 was leading up to — somewhere out in the Multiverse, the position once filled by the JSA Earth 2 has now been taken over by the New 52 Earth 2, possibly shunting into another position or sharing the same space as Phantom Girl’s Home World does. While this catastrophic phenomenon was happening, a horrific disease spread throughout the universe infecting the Grand Costume Designer of the Universe, the “Couturier Cosmic,” it began affecting all good costume designs across the multitude of worlds.

    Darkseid, who had only recently taken an online fashion design course, saw it was centred around this new Earth 2 and was deeply offended. He dispatched Steppenwolf to put an end to this affront with his Parademons destroying all but a few (what horrors must he have endured). Luckily, only the Supers and Robin remained probably because they had not been too severely infected with bad taste. Robin and Supergirl fled Earth 2 hoping to start afresh on Earth 1, little realizing they had brought the disease with them.

    It slowly spread through the super-hero community on Earth 1, but it was poor Supergirl who had been the worst infected. She tried making it as Power Girl, but it was too late — alas she created the hideous outfit she wears on Earth 1.

    Otherwise, I liked it.

  2. ww 05/06/2012 at 4:17 pm

    Medocre Art, bad wrinting

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