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DC rings in the New 52 at Midnight in Times Square

David Vandervliet 09/05/2011 Reviews

Flashpoint #5  is now out, and so is Justice League #1.

To celebrate, DC took over Midtown Comics’ west side location where lucky fans were able to purchase the books at midnight and meet writer Geoff Johns, and penciller Jim Lee.  Over 700 fans lined up along West 40th street, between Seventh and Eight Avenues, just south of Times Square in New York City. Some fans arrived as early as 11:15 that morning, coming from as far away as Madrid, Spain to have the chance to meet Johns and Lee, and be among the first to buy these two history making comics.  While they were waiting, Geoff and Jim showed up with pizza for the fans waiting in line. So many fans showed up, that some had to leave disappointed, as there was not enough time for them all to get in before the 2AM closing.

Also on hand were DC creators Scott Snyder, (Batman, Swamp Thing) Cliff Chiang, (Wonder Woman) and Ivan Brandon (Men of War).  I took sometime to talk with fans while waiting online about what they were most excited about coming out this month, and what things have them worried or upset.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  This crowd was all about the relaunch.  And while Green Lantern, Batman and Justice League were the most common books people told me they wanted, just about every title had a fan waiting on line.  Scott Snyder walked the line with copies of the first issue of Swamp Thing, with art by Yanick Paquette, which doesn’t come out until next week getting fans excited about the book.  “I wasn’t sure about Swamp Thing”  Alex, a young fan from Long Island, NY told me, “but when Scott showed it to us, I knew I had to get it next week.”

Fans showed up in costume, and almost everyone showed up ready to talk about their excitement.  Ian, from New York was the first to arrive, unassumingly on the street, where he was soon joined by Eli.  Both lucky gentleman were rewarded for their early arrival, as they each received prints of the Justice League promotional pieces.

Ian shows off what getting to a signing 11 hours early gets you

Eli, the second in line at Midtown Comics also was awarded a promo piece













Ian and Eli, along with many other fans took some time to talk with me about what they were most excited about the coming relaunch.  Ian is ready for more Batman and also excited to see what is going to happen Superman.  Eli was also very interested in seeing what was going to happen with Superman, although he was worried that their might be too many changes.

“I liked where things stood after Infinite Crisis.”  he told me.  He was a little nervous when he was informed of some of the status quo changes that would be coming up in Kal-el’s titles.

Andrew (L), Alex and Daniel came from Long Island


Carlos and James both want new comics NOW

The DC family that relaunches together, stays together









Nestor and Rosa show off their Lantern affilations

Taran, A new Green Lantern recruit, ready to kick butt while Edgar watches on

The best shirt all night










The crowd on hand was young for the most part, between 16 and 22, and most had not been reading comics long at all.  Taran, who showed up in her Green Lantern costume informed me she hadn’t bought a comic in a while, but plans on checking out a lot of new titles.  Edgar, who arrived sporting a Bat-tee was all about Greg Capullo‘s art on Batman.  He was also interested in seeing how the Wildstorm characters, like Grifter, Voodoo and Stormwatch will fit into the combined DC Universe.

Alex was very excited about the Tony Daniel’s and Philip Tan‘s  Savage Hawkman, but is bummed he has to wait 4 more weeks until it comes out.  While his friends Daniel and Andrew were ready for  Justice League.  Sept 28th can’t get here fast enough for Andrew.  He’s most excited to get a look at the Flash series, by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.

James is ready for new Nightwing, Detective Comics and Bat Wing

James knows what this says in Kryptonian. Do you?

"Aquaman in Justice League is like onions on a hotdog, it just makes it sweeter" Brian told me.










Brian, who had stopped buying comics in the mid 90’s, and had just recently come back thanks to his brother showing him the Blackest Night comics.  Brian began catching up on Green Lantern and then moved on to check out other things by Johns.  Brian favorite part of the relaunch is the same day digital release policy that DC begins this month.  Now he’ ready to check out what Johns has in store in Justice League and Aquaman on his iPad.   A fan of the Sea King, Brian prefers him more with the League then solo, but would be checking out the new Aquaman series by Johns and Ivan Reis.

DC Superblonds were on hand in case the Legion of Doom showed up to cause trouble

Zatanna, aka Cosplayer Scarlet Stepford was bewitching.












Jim Lee and Geoff Johns signing copies of Justice League #1

A helpful, but tired Midtown Comics employee















Geoff and Jim stayed until 2 am to sign for as many fans as Midtown Comics could get in before they closed.

Flashpoint #5 was the last comic set in the DC Universe’s  “post-Crisis” continuity (which Crisis  is up to you).  Justice League #1 also written by Geoff Johns, with pencils by DC co-Publisher, Jim Lee and inks by Scott Williams, is the first full comic set in what has been called the DCnU or the New 52, the first of 52 new comics series starting in September, all with new number 1’s.

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Jim Lee signs Justice League for the Exile (that's me!)


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    I'm glad they made a to-do about it. I think it's a big deal and it needs to be treated as such.

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