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DC Review: Sinestro #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 07/01/2014 Reviews

Sinestro #3

Bunn, Eaglesham, Morales


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

The end of last issue had Sinestro dead heading the Sinestro Corps. Up until this issue, everything has kind of felt formulaic, like each step to bringing Sinestro back into power was the point and the story merely had to limp from plot point to plot point with a little cliffhanger at the end. Finally, it feels like Sinestro is becoming an actual story.

sinestro #3 1

The creeping story element of this church of anti-emotion begins this issue, with a group of dissenting Sinestro Corps members meeting on an out-of-the-way world to discuss how unhappy they are. The pale characters that have been tracking Sinestro have followed the “stench” of fear to these yellow lit warriors. We can assume that they all die off-panel.

Sinestro is moving his corp to the new prison planet that he also used to purge his corp last issue, and he goes to discuss this with the Korugarian’s that he saved in the first issue. None of them trust him and it is revealed that these Korugarian’s fled during his controlling of the planet and remember him only as a fascist. They offer him a sort of sinestro #3 2diplomatic concession, which he brushes off. He discusses things with his daughter which comes off as strangely civil, her words of conviction empty in a lot of ways, has become kind of par for the course for the two.

As an act of good will, Sinestro provides his daughter with a green power battery and gives her the choice to leave should she choose to. She chooses to stay to protect the remaining members of her race, complaining that leaving isn’t as simple as he makes it seem. His answer is as wise as we have come to expect from the greatest yellow lantern.

“As you get older, you’ll find we are all prisoners of our choices.”

sinestro #3 3

Sinestro needs to rein in his loyal (or at least less disloyal) troops and they troops head out to complete a mission of mercy. Sinestro’s daughter decides to go with them to try and keep a lid on things. The mission is to an intergalactic slave market and Sinestro shows up to take a set of his people off of the selling stage for free.

The fights are particularly interesting in all of the Corps of Light books because of the creativity involved with the constructs. Especially with the newer characters, it is nice to see a little window into the character for how they choose to fight. The two lantern’s Sinestro has used to purge his corp both have interesting ways of using their energy, and Lyssa Drak remains mysterious.

sinestro #3 4

Sinestro seems sure that his actions will endear his people to him, but they can barely meet his eyes. His daughter is more successful at making contact. Before the small detachment of lanterns can leave the world with their liberated slaves, the pale members of the church, who seem to identify themselves as the Inquisition, show up to demand the Corps to submit.

I’m glad that the series has finally gotten around to bringing the villains that were tracking Sinestro face-to-face with our protagonist.  Issue three isn’t such a long wait, but it did feel like it was a long time coming, especially since they aren’t the real villain, but the Pale Bishop is.

I also see the foreshadowing of a more intense conflict between Sinestro and his daughter. The remnants of their race still fear Sinestro and she, as a caretaker, doctor, and a Green Lantern, has a more compassionate and confidence inspiring presence. I wonder how long it will take the two of them to come to blows over who should lead and who has the right. This issue felt more like a comic and less like some bizarre science fiction history lesson, and that is a step in the right direction for the series.

My rating 4 / 5

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