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DC review: Justice League 3000 #8 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 07/08/2014 Features


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

3000 8 1

After the shocking betrayal of Justice League 3k #7, Terry has seized control of Cadmus, the Justice League, and Arial Masters, the woman who started this whole mess. Terry flexes his hostage muscle and makes the entire ensemble compliant. All but Firestorm, who has already joined the Five, and leaves on his first mission. After three days in her cell, Ariel succumbs to the pressure and agrees to help Terry finish her work.

There is a scene dealing with Coeval, Locus, and Convert that not only shows that the villainous Five are not as connected as they seem. It is a little odd, the obsession Locus has on Green Lantern. She actually decides that Masters is going to make her a harem of Hal Jordan. This is particularly creepy to me, and that seems like the purpose.

Batman and Green Lantern discuss trying to escape, and in so doing, Hal reinforces for Batman that they are heroes and they will do what is right. He also reveals a new development with his powers. Something about his Green energy has changed. He either has greater power over it, or it is simply responding to him more thoroughly, but random thoughts are now being carried out for him. He dives into the computer systems and dummies the surveillance footage. I am thinking this may have something to do with Locus’ manipulations.

3000 8 2

Batman tries to bring Master’s into their plans, after she tells Convert that she plans to burn Cadmus to the ground. When he does, she reveals she has been working just as hard on her own escape plan. She had been given free reign to work in the DNA vault and has brought back Terri. Despite how upsetting this should be to Terry, his arrogance makes him believe that there is no way Master’s will chance the backlash of trying to escape.

Terri pulls herself out of the DNA overwriting chamber with no memories of what happened. I imagine this is a good development considering her own brother has turned super villain and broke her neck. Masters refuses to explain what is going on and sends Terri to get her gear. Moments later she returns dressed like the Flash and looking particularly confused.

I have to say that this comic not only surprised me by getting so much better so fast, but it has also had some developments I have found really creative and entertaining. I am actually most intrigued that it is a series that took the entire threat of characters dying out of the hands of the reader, yet still has high enough stakes and compelling enough situations that it doesn’t hurt the narrative at all.  With the surprise blending of the Flash and Terri, it really kind of makes you want your favorite characters to drop like flies, just to see what the resurrection process will spit out with the next iteration. Also, why is the Flash the one hero that seems to be the musical chairs of this series? I blame Barry Allen.

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