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DC Review: Justice League 3000 #7 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 06/08/2014 Reviews

Justice League 3000 #7

Giffin, DeMatteis, Porter


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

3000 #7 1

We pick up exactly where we left off, with Locus and Convert reacting to Green Lantern’s explosive rescue mission. As is the usual with the fiery and petulant Locus, she flies into what is sure to be a lethal rage. Hal, using his mind over his muscles, sneaks up behind her and uses the green energy to knock her out in a single blow, the only real way to neutralize her.

The Justice League begins looking for a way out. Kali and Convert are close enough to give the retreating team problems. They find Locus and are about to wake her up when Firestorm delivers an ultimatum; Let the Justice League go or I detonate and destroy the planet. This is a far cry from the kind of threat the Justice League would ever level at their enemies, but this is a far cry from the original Justice League. Coeval reveals that he is in Firestorm’s implant and while he tries to convince Firestorm to join the five one last time, Firestorm fries his own implants and soars away. His main plan, distract the Five, was successful and the League is off world.

The Five plan to wake up Locus and use her to return the League, when the final member of the Five is revealed, or at least his silhouette is. Unfortunately, if you’ve been paying attention, the owner of said silhouette is all too easy to figure out.

Back on Cadmus, the Wonder Twins are arguing, again. This time, the League being able to make contact again interrupts them. The League is on some preservation planet that really does look beautiful, and are looking forward to being picked up. More so, Ariel Masters makes herself known and begins chastising the twins pretty heavily for a woman who has been a fugitive from Cadmus for so long. While she is giving the twins a dressing down, Superman begins arguing with Flash and Batman about their retreat. For all of his bluster, Superman is locked in the mentality that they are the Justice League and they are unstoppable. During the argument, Wonder Woman chimes in and for the first time shows vulnerability and compassion. With a spark of hope Teri points out that the League may be finding themselves after all.

3000 #7 2

This is where everything goes sideways. Terry, who we recognize as the evil silhouette, kills his own sister by breaking her neck and then detonates a nannite booby trap that exists in the Flash’s head. That’s right, they killed him again. The arguments continue, coming to blows between Hal and Superman, until Masters finally lays it out for them.


“It’s over, okay? We failed! The Five won!  It’s over.”

While Terry is holding the world captive, Coeval makes a point that using unsecured teams is an unnecessary risk. Terry concedes and allows Coeval to start detonating…everything!

This is the payoff that I was waiting for. I struggled through some particularly bad issues in the first few months, but the series has certainly picked up the pace. The villains have felt pretty overwhelming, and the Justice League 3K has felt little better than completely inept. Finally things are coming together and even though the group has a boot on their collective neck, I can’t wait to see the Five versus the League. Good show, DC!

My rating 4.5 / 5



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