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DC Review: Justice League 3000 #6 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/09/2014 Reviews

Justice League 3000 #6

Giffen, DeMatteis, Porter


I will most certainly be SPOILING!


At the end of last issue, our heroes, or at least heroes that look like our heroes, had just been confronted by the villainous member of the Five, Coeval. It takes the digital danger mere seconds to capture and incapacitate the new Justice League.

The growing dissension between the Wonder Twins, Terri and Terry, is reaching a boiling point until the male half of the twins points out that they signed contracts, and Cadmus will hunt them if they break them. We can assume this is what happened to Ariel Masters. During their argument, their father is referenced, both that he was a good man, and that he was dead. In the old 52, the Wonder twin’s father was the Calculator. Who could it be in the New 52, a thousand years later?


I do find myself heavily amused every time Locus graces the page. She is the epitome of out of control teenager and her absolute abandon, being controlled by her emotions is just tops. Her obsession with Hal has taken a dark turn, as his diminutive body is resisting being turned into a piece of jewelry. Locus and Hal’s corpse teleport to Planet Idyll, the main world of the Five. It is oddly insectile, which makes for a wonderfully alien feeling cityscape.

Coeval has captured the JL3k and is interrogating them in a matrix-like digital landscape. For some, Coeval begins offering deals and dangling bait.  Firestorm is more than willing to be bought, Superman is interested in being complete, and Flash is tempted by the truth.

While the sentient program is busy, Locus confronts Arial Masters and demands that she make her a new boyfriend, a new Hal Jordan. She throws her little lantern at her prisoner and storms away.  All of a sudden, Hal is alive, and had been the whole time. He explains that the green light from his cloak entered him and kept him alive. Masters corrects him; he is the source of the light and has been all along. She also explains that Coeval’s interrogation is just a stalling tactic. His actual play is to rewrite their synapses so they become willing servants of the Five.

Here is the most interesting part of the issue. Masters explains that Hal’s green energy is his greatest power, but it is also a kind of cancer. The more he uses it, the farther along it grows, slowly and relentlessly killing him. If you combine that with the Flash’s lack of a friction field, and Superman’s more limited abilities, you’ll begin to question the rest of the League’s short comings. Especially Firestorm, due to his duel nature, and Batman, who has no special abilities to speak of.

The issue ends with a bored conversation between three members of the Five that ends with an enormous explosion. An explosion caused by the tiny Lantern. An explosion that released the rest of the League.

I have to say, despite the first few issues, this comic has really stepped it up. The moment the origin of the JL3k was revealed, everything has become more interesting. Our heroes are still hopelessly outclassed, and the universe in the future feels a little bit too much for such a fractured team, but at least we are getting there. And the old adage “Love someone for their flaws” has never been truer, as not only their weaknesses but character traits have begun to grow on me, especially Superman’s false bravado. While Justice League 3000 is far from perfect, it’s getting there. One issue at a time.

My rating 4.5 / 5


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