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DC Review: Earth 2 #23 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/09/2014 Reviews

Earth 2 #23

Taylor, Scott, Scott


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

earth 2 1

Ah, hope. You can see it in the eyes of Darkseid Superman’s clear eyes. The speed at which Lois commands the situation, making Supes drop Val to the ground, is almost comical. For the first time, we get to see some personality from Superman beyond the whole hopelessly-devoted-to-Darkseid thing. While their reunion is brief, Superman turns on his own troops, and then absconds with Red Tornado. Val-el and Hawk Girl are left on their own…with a small army of parademons hovering above their heads.

Val protects Hawk Girl with his own body, steadily refusing to fight. All at once the onslaught stops and Alan Scott reveals himself to be back among the living, just before sending the entire army of parademons to be among the dead.

earth 2 2

Superman takes Lois to a wholly unexpected location; Smallville. The evil Superman lands at his parent’s house and actually says hi, as if this was an everyday occurrence. With only a moment’s hesitation, the Kents invite them inside. This would be troubling, if Jimmy Olsen weren’t tapped into Lois’ feeds. Effectively, Red Tornado has become the ultimate bug for Superman. The scene involving Superman’s parents is a little unnerving, as it reveals that a great deal of Superman’s mind is still his own, except for his championing for Darkseid.

Jimmy picks up on Superman ordering the second wave in to attack the Bat Cave and the Dark Knight orders an evacuation. This is problematic as Green Lantern is spoiling for a fight with all of the righteous fury of the wounded planet. The two get into a pissing contest, until Thomas activates the Azreal protocol for the the Bat Cave.

The second wave breaks upon the Cave; Parademons, Apokorats, and a new kind of Apokolyptian troop, a War Hound. The fight is immediately joined, and Red Arrow begins to protect Dr. Fate. Making a poorly timed joke, Fate reveals to Red Arrow that he is not part of the future. Connor continues to stand out, saving Batman from the Warhound and makes yet another smart remark. The remark goes un answered with tragedy striking Connor from behind. The Apokorat lays him low with a single bite.

With the fight getting out of hand, Sandman finally shows up for the extraction and Batman activates the countdown for the Azrael protocol. Just before the team leaves, Green Lantern asks Hawk Girl to stay behind with him, and together they are at ground zero for the Azrael protocol, apparently a nuclear fail-safe to destroy the cave and all of the enemies in it.

For quite possibly the first time in this entire series, it feels like the Wonders of Earth 2 have finally made some headway. I realize this is strange as the Bat Cave is gone, Lois is in the clutches of Superman, and Red Arrow is rat food. But Green Lantern is back, and there is a distinct feeling of control at the end of the comic that can’t be denied. I hope things continue this way towards some kind of conclusion, so the world can develop beyond the chaos that has been the main theme for the previous 22 issues. If you read the First Contact event, you might be wondering what part Power Girl and Kaizen Gamorra have to play in the upcoming drama. Hopefully, all will be explained next month, on Themyscira!

My rating 4.5 / 5

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