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DC Review: Earth 2 #22 – Spoiled

David Hinspeter 04/03/2014 Reviews

Earth 2 #22

Taylor, N. Scott, T. Scott


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the Earth 2 story, you’ve been missing out. Nothing has caught my attention quite as much as the hints at the world and Green Lantern’s origin from the first issue, but the series has had an over reaching theme of escalation that has really left me a little burned out.

earth 2-1

This month, the book opens with a small nod towards Green Lantern rejoining the fight, something that has been hinted at for several issues.

Next we meet members of the team of heroes that have made the best steps towards defeating Brutal/Superman and his army of parademons. Jimmy Olson, who appears to be this Earth’s version of Media, is using his considerable intellect to try and puzzle through the prophecies that Dr. Fate has been spitting out. These fractured prophecies ever since his fight with the three warriors that Steppenwolf had introduced to the battlefield.

Lois Lane, as Red Tornado, is bonding with the newest Kryptonian in town, a man named Val. Though he has been suffering from agoraphobia, Lois is taking him out to learn how to fly. His powers are growing, including invulnerability, enhanced sight, and enhanced hearing. Val brings up the Dark Knight’s, Thomas Wayne, plan for him to be the weapon against the corrupted Superman. While he will be able to fight Superman after his powers develop, his time during his travels through space has caused him to look down on violence as a solution.

Earth 2-2

Working on his ability to fly, Red Tornado and hawk Girl meet up for a few moments that are stress free. This ends with Superman showing up with a battalion of parademons, hell bent on hunting down the Batman. We can assume this is because he thinks that the previous Batman is still alive, and , as per DC cliché, Superman considers him the greatest threat to his plans.

Upon seeing the young Kryptonian, Brutal decides to take care of him as a matter of convenience. Claiming that Darkseid has no need for a second Kryptonian, makes to kill the younger man. While Superman focuses on the boy, hawkgirl and Lois struggle to hold back the troops under Superman’s control. Hawkgirl almost plummets to her death as a parademon sinks his teeth through the bone of her wing.  Red Tornado saves her.

Earth 2-3

Just as Superman prepares to deal his deathblow, Lois lands and confronts her husband. Upon recognizing her, his eyes clear for the first time.

The greatest parts of reading Earth 2 is seeing how characters get reimagined. The Alan Scott Green Lantern appears to be Earth 2’s version of swamp thing, Batman is the guilt stricken father of Bruce Wayne, the Sandman and Red Arrow are members of the World Army instead of sidekicks of previous heroes. With the cross over into the World’s Finest and Batman Superman, and Superman’s plan to move the Earth, are we approaching a merging of the universes?

My Rating: 4/5

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