Okay Superman fans, the “big day” has finally come and it is all about YOU!  About a month ago DC promised us a “bombshell” announcement to be revealed June 11th at the LA Hero Complex Film Festival.  I for one have been excited about what that could entail (fingers were crossed for Justice League movie news) since then.

Unfortunately, the announcement was concerning the comic book legacy of Superman and Action Comics.  In what has to be the final announcement about the DC Relaunch we now know that the only American title to continue running past #900 is also going to, you guessed it, reboot back to #1.  DC head honchos Jim Lee & Geoff Johns announced yesterday their flagship is starting over too and for the first time since… ever? will be getting a new look.  On a personal note, this is the first relaunch news to officially make me sad as I’m one of the few who are actually excited about the reboot.  This announcement, while important to the character that has more or less defined DC for 79.5 years, seems like a fizzle in the pan undeserving of “all the bells and whistles and rickita-racketa” attached to it.

It is unclear whether this move is being made to revamp the character for a newer (read: younger) audience or to possibly connect it with the now defunct “Smallville” or simply to get buzz going for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel.”  As you can see the character’s classic red & blues have given way to a more “working man’s fashion” (I seriously think I have a pair of those boots) which is hardly in line with boistrous attitude DC artists have always had with their characters.  Clark Kent’s alter ego had to be bigger than life in order to be a symbol.  With this new look we can all relate to him better but can we truly idolize him?  Maybe a better question is, can we all now strive to be the Superman ourselves?

Despite my disappointment in the announcement; and to be clear, not because of its content but lack thereof, I am excited for the Superman reboot.  A more human side for everyone’s favorite Kryptonian cannot be a bad thing.  Perhaps even now Bruce Wayne will be the over-calculating inhuman member of the Justice League?  Either way, you’ll have to see for yourself come September.  For a full run down of the DC Relaunch see Jordan’s article and don’t forget to weigh in below on whether or not you’re digging the new duds.