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DC launches Gotham by Midnight in November

Jeff Hill 08/24/2014 News

Fans of DC Comics’ Batman Eternal series will be happy to learn that Jim Corrigan, the man who would-be the Spectre, is getting his own ongoing series.  Gotham by Midnight will launch in November, featuring the breakout (returning?) character from the hit weekly Bat book operating in the more mystical and magical realms of Gotham City.

Artist Ben Templesmith is joined by writer Ray Fawkes in what will most assuredly be a fan-favorite within just a few issues.  Fawkes has been garnering quite a bit of positive buzz over at DC lately, with his varied and vast works across the New 52 line.  He is a perfect fit for the character, proving he has what it takes to make him a powerful character yet again, for the first time in what seems like over a decade.  I, for one, am ecstatic about this announcement.  This sounds like a recipe for a sleeper hit to me!

Jim Corrigan Sketch

So what do you think?  Will you be adding this book to your pull list?  Or are you Batman’ed out?  We want to hear your thoughts!

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