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DC’s Digital Plan Includes New Comics M-F, Batman & More

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DC Comics announced plans, then expanded on them at C2E2, to strengthen their digital-first releases. While the concept of comic publishers making a stronger commitment to digital content is hardly surprising these days, DC’s plan is interesting for a variety of factors. It seems that DC wants to make almost every day “new comics day,” and not just Wednesdays. That’s right, new DC digital comics will be dropping every weekday. In an article with USA Today, DC Senior Digital Vice President Hank Kanalz explained the digital plan as a way to test the appeal of different projects:

“Digital isn’t instant. It takes a while to get all this stuff together. The choices that we’ve made are meant to appeal to a wider audience. It’s a great way to test what a wider audience is interested in.


“Our goal has always been from the very beginning to have something for everyone. The opportunities that digital opens up, it really allows us to go for as wide an audience as possible.


“Some of these things may not work as well as we think they will. Some of them will outperform. It’s just a matter of finding what strikes a chord with new readers.”

The digital-first release days break down like this:

Monday Ame-Comi Girls
Tuesday Batman: Arkham Unhinged
Wednesday The Beyond comics
Thursday Batman
Friday Smallville: Season 11

Fans already know about the Beyond titles, Smallville: Season 11 (reviewed right here on, and the comic based on the Arkham City video game, Batman: Arkham Unhinged, but two new titles have been added to this line up.

Ame-Comi Girls art

The first of these new titles is Ame-Comi Girls, which will launch in May. This will be an anime and manga-influenced title that showcases DC’s heroines, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Ame-Comi Girls characters will include Wonder Woman (with art by Amanda Conner and Tony Akins), Batgirl (with art by Sanford Greene, Duela Dent, and Ted Naifeh) Supergirl (with art by Santi Casas), and Power Girl (with art by Mike Bowden).

Ben Templesmith Batman art

The second new title, Batman, is the title that really raises eyebrows. Not Batman having a new title so much (the obligatory glut of Batman titles on comic shop shelves are a testament to the mass appeal of the Dark Knight), as the creators who will be handling this new, out-of-the-New-52-continuity series, chronicling different Batman cases. Various creative teams confirmed to be working on Batman digital include: Steve Niles/Trevor Hairsine, B. Clay Moore/Ben Templesmith, Damon Lindelof/Jeff Lemire, Tom Taylor/Nicola Scott, Joe Harris/Jason Masters, and many more. In addition to the Ben Templesmith Batman art above, he tweeted the image directly below from his Twitter account (@Templesmith). Look for these new Batman comics to debut in June.

Batman art tweeted by Ben Templesmith on Twitter (@Templesmith)

This new digital plan from DC seems like promising way to experiment, possibly find new readers, and bring the excitement of “new comics” Wednesdays to every day of the work week. Be sure to check back in with us here at for more exciting C2E2 and DC Comics news.

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