It’s contest time here at Comic Booked! After seeing DC’s New 52 panel at San Diego Comic Con, I had an idea… an idea that could spread across the comic book community and unite DC fans both new and old. I said to myself, “What if we had a contest where the fans got to create their own reboot suits?” This could either make fans feel worse about the new costumes, or leave them feeling grateful for Jim Lee’s designs. But most of all, it would be a lot of fun to see what sort of designs our readers can come up with.

Onto the contest rules! We are going to progress through ┬áthe contest one hero at a time, and first on the list is my personal favorite, The Man of Steel himself… Superman!

Contest Rules and Guidelines

1. Send your name, picture and address to [email protected] by August 15th
2. The picture must be your own work.
3. The picture must be colored.
4. Don’t worry if you aren’t a very good artist. This contest is all about the costume designs!
5. The winner gets a San Diego Comic Con 2011 Prize Pack. This includes comics, posters, bags, and toys that were given out at SDCC. Definitely an awesome prize!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit multiple entries?

Can I send you a picture of a new Batman suit instead?
Not yet! Wait for the Batman contest.

Will DC use my suit in the reboot?
Are you Jim Lee?

Can you tell me exactly what’s in the Prize Pack?
No way dude, it’s a surprise!

So send in your design and spread this link around!