In a move that is sure to boost sales to new highs that no one has seen before. DC Comics have announced this week that they will be releasing all of their monthly titles as digital downloads. In addition to the digital first exclusives DC offers like Batman:Legends of the Dark Knight and Justice League Beyond, the popular monthly exploits of your favorite superheroes such as Batman, Superman and the Justice League will be available for the first time for the following mobile devices:



  • Apple iPad
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Barnes and Noble Nook

DC selling comics digitally is nothing new, their digital lines are some of the best selling every week in this industry. The fact that they now offer their comics not just from their own app but from the Kindle, Nook and iTunes stores means they are able to reach  more fans than ever before.

The move to digital could be a real financial and coup for DC. As a fan of digital comics, my Comixology account is packed full of comics and collections that span more than 50 years of comic book history. For DC to capitalize on this is a huge step forward and the fact that they are on board with three separate devices from three different companies is a great power move for the company and is sure to leave the competition trailing behind.

Reaching a wider percentage of their fan base will now be a walk in the park for the publisher. Hank Kanalz, DC Entertainment senior vice president for digital, said that this move shows the importance of digital comics and downloads are tot he company and to the industry at large.

[quote]We’ve proven over the last two years that going digital has added to our business in general and going wider is the way to go. If you devoted your library to being collected in your Kindle, now you have the option to add to your comics to that. You’re going to have to commit to what platform you want to build your library in.[/quote]
The advantage for most people who read comics digitally is the speed and ease in which they are able to access the books they pull every month. With a same day as print service available and digital exclusives DC look to be the publisher to beat on the digital comics front!

What do you think of this move by DC? Will you be picking up next weeks comics digitally for the first time? Or do you prefer the good old-fashioned trip to the Comic Book store and picking up your titles by hand? Let us know in the comments!
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