If you’re a DC fan looking towards the company’s “Future’s End” event with giddy anticipation you should be reading the “First Contact” story arc that is making its way through the pages of Worlds’ Finest and Batman/Superman. Of the few hints that DC has dropped related to 2014′s event we know that a war between Earth-1 and another Earth is in the offing. If you’ve been reading Earth-2 regularly you know that that world is currently consumed in a war against Darksied, and it looks like it’s starting to spill over into Earth-1.  World’s Finest #21 brings Earth-1 and Earth-2 a few steps closer as Huntress, Power Girl, Superman, and Batman face off against the villain Gammorah, and each other, at the foot of a trans-dimensional portal between the two worlds.

The Nitty Gritty (SPOILERS AHEAD):

The first thing you need to know is that DC has spoiled the ending of this book, so if you have been digging this story then you may want pick it up but hold off reading it until Part 3 is released on April 16 in Batman/Superman #9. DC was forced to shift publication dates due to delays that artist Greg Pak apologized for on his Tumblr last weekend. You’ve been forewarned!

Worlds’ Finest #21 gets started with Huntress, Power Girl, Superman, and Batman confronting Gammorah (an Earth-1 doppleganger to a former boyfriend of Kara’s from Earth-2) who has reconstructed a portal to Earth-2 similar in design to that constructed by Michael Holt in the now cancelled Mr. Terrific series. Those that have been following Worlds’ Finest know that Kara (Power Girl) first appeared in her civilian persona way back in 2011′s Mr. Terrific #1, during which time she was trying to uncover Holt’s dimension hopping technology. As we would later learn in Worlds’ Finest that portal was destroyed, and throughout the first twenty issues of this series Kara and Helena (the Huntress) have been struggling to collect the technology needed to rebuild the portal and return home to Earth-2. During that time both Kara and Helena adopted their new superhero identities (they were formally known as Supergirl and Robin on their Earth) while observing this Earth’s Superman and Batman and struggling with the emotions of losing their Batman and Superman to Darksied in one last heroic act of ultimate sacrifice.

Worlds' Finest

For the first time since arriving on Earth-1 Power Girl and the Huntress are standing before a portal that appears to be the path home. While Power Girl is all for throwing herself through the portal, the Huntress has serious misgivings because they don’t know that it is in fact Earth-2. What ensues is a dramatic and emotional battle between our four heroes and the villain Gammorah, as well as battle of wills between Power Girl and Huntress as Helena tries to keep Kara from rushing into the unknown. The first act of the book comes to an end when Power Girl throws Gammorah through the portal, leaving herself, the Huntress, Batman, and Superman to briefly debate how the portal was built, and if the two heroines should take the risk.

Worlds' Finest

Regardless of the consequences Kara and Helena decide that they are going to take their chances, and just as they begin to step into the portal a mutated Gammorah comes back through looking to drag Power Girl into it. During the resulting skirmish Gammorah tells Power Girl that she has to go with him because an unidentified “he” wants her back and that this “he” loves her. That “he”  is revealed to be the evil Earth-2 Superman that has been ripping apart the heroes in the self-titled comic book of the same name.

Worlds' Finest

Earth-2′s Superman sends through a legion of Paradaemons to distract the others, while he and Gammorah convince Power Girl to cross over. The Huntress fires an explosive arrow into the portal totally destroying it and blowing Power Girl back while at the same time sucking Gammorah back through to the other side. Despite being royally pissed at Helena for destroying the only link the two have found home in five years of searching Kara and Helena resolve to pick up the pieces  and renew their efforts now with the help of Earth-1′s Batman and Superman.

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