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DC Comics Confirms Green Lantern Fans’ Worst Fears

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Some of you who read my recent review of Green Lantern #11 will no doubt remember how I said that Geoff Johns was scaring me, because, among other things, that issue hinted at Hal Jordan disappearing in the future with the new gun-toting Green Lantern named Baz seemingly taking his place. You’ll also remember that I said that I trust Geoff Johns and I believed he had the best for the character, the series, and ultimately us – the fans! – in mind.

I am now starting to severely doubt Geoff Johns and his handling of Green Lantern, especially in regards to our beloved hero Hal Jordan.

What changed, you asked? What changed is the fact that I came across a disturbing press release from DC Comics. The press release began with “After Hal Jordan goes missing…” According to series editor Matt Idelson, after Green Lantern Annual #1, Hal will be “MIA in a big way.” The Justice League will be descending upon the new Green Lantern to find out who he is, and what – if anything – he’s done to their teammate Hal.

Things are indeed beginning to look very grimm for us GL fans. Here’s to hoping Geoff Johns knows what he’s doing, because those of us – myself very much included – who love Green Lantern because it’s about Hal Jordan may stop following the series so faithfully if he takes it too far in this crazy, ridiculous direction.

You can read the official DC Comics press release below.

The “Rise of the Third Army” continues!


After Hal Jordan goes missing, many questions will be left hanging. Particularly for the Justice League, as they decide to go after the new Green Lantern to demand answers about their absent team member. Flying into stores on November 7th, GREEN LANTERN #14 comes to you from the acclaimed creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artists Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy.


“We’re going to be meeting a brand new Green Lantern in issue #0, and unlike his predecessors, he’s not the sort of guy you’d be expecting to wear the ring. That’s putting it mildly,” teased series editor Matt Idelson. “After the events of GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1, Hal Jordan is MIA in a very big way, and our new Green Lantern finds himself in a new role, though his troubled life isn’t going to go away in the slightest. In fact it’s the things he’s notorious for that in large part bring the Justice League into the picture—they want to know what’s happened to Hal, and what this guy thinks he’s doing filling the role of Green Lantern. It’s going to be intense, but also very, very cool.”


Below, take an exclusive first look at GREEN LANTERN #14 by checking out Doug Mahnke and Mark Irwin’s cover for the issue.


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  1. Andrew Taylor 08/10/2012 at 3:25 am

    Never really did find Hal Jordan all that interesting, compared to Rayner, Stewart, or Gardner. About the only worthwhile comics that he was ever in were ones where he played the foil to them or to Green Arrow.

    This Baz guy? I might actually pick up Green Lantern just to see what his deal is.

    • Austin Shirey 08/10/2012 at 5:48 pm

      I disagree. I think Hal Jordan has become one of the most interesting characters in the comic world. The fact that Johns took him and "rebirthed" him, and that he is still in essence the same character that went berserk and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, as well as the fact that he struggles with that knowledge, makes him incredibly deep and three-dimensional if you will.

  2. Kelly Cassidy 08/10/2012 at 8:21 am

    There was so much with Johns to bring back the Silver Age GL and Flash that to get rid of him now seems like there is something bigger in the works. The GL Brightest Day/Blackest Night story arc is one of the few things that survived the Flashpoint/New 52 relaunch, so there needs to be something. If not, put this new guy in New Guardians and bring Kyle Rayner back to the core GL title.

    I agree with Andrew that Hal's best stories were when he was teamed up with Ollie – remember way back when they were on the road with the humanized Guardian? Those were the best Hal stories. But with Ollie being so different, this era is absolutely gone. Maybe Hal should become a new Guardian of some kind… or call upon the power of the Spectre to make something happen, but after all the hoopla to bring him back and make him prominent they HAVE to do something.

    • Austin Shirey 08/10/2012 at 5:46 pm

      Kelly, I totally agree with you about Johns having to do something – to go through that epic struggle of brining Hal back and then to just discard him like this would be horrendous. I also really like your idea of putting the new GL in the New Guardians or something and bringing back Kyle to the core GL title – I think that would be a more fitting back up for Hal than this new guy. To be completely honest, I can't stand Baz's design, the fact that he totes a gun around, or his name. One of Johns' worst ideas.

      • mikyzptlk 08/10/2012 at 7:51 pm

        First off I need to say that Johns used to be my favorite comic author. I wish I didn't have to say "used to" but these days I do. He gave us so many amazing stories and his JSA and Flash runs are some of the best comics I've ever read period. Plus I don't think anyone is forgetting that he's the one responsible for bringing the GL franchise back into popularity. Not only that, but I used to consider him the architect of the DCU. And he was building something amazing. He used to be able to improve anything he touched simply by taking the essence of what made any particular character great and presenting it in a modern fashion.

        Saying all of that, I just think that he's lost whatever it was that made him great. Maybe he's being overworked in his new position or maybe he's struggling to find his place in the New 52, I'm really not sure. Either way, I haven't been very excited over his work of late. His Aquaman comes off as a dick and I barely even recognize the characters in his Justice League run. I still feel his GL is the strongest of his books but even there the quality has taken a bit of hit.

        Although, I'll disagree with saying that GL is about Hal Jordan. Everyone has their favorite GL and one of the strengths about this property is that multiple characters have taken on the role of GL and have been the star. The book has never been called "Hal Jordan" nor was he even the first Green Lantern since Alan Scott has that honor.

        Hal is going missing, he's not being killed off. We'll be introduced to this character and his story will be told. The conclusion of this being that Hal is found and then we'll all move on from there. But, like all of John's GL stories have done so far, the mythos of Green Lantern will probably be enriched further and (hopefully) we'll all be happy campers.

        We know so little about this character so far and it's unfair to jump the gun given what we know. This is something all passionate fans are guilty of (including myself) but even though I've been less than pleased with Mr. Johns of late, I'm still going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        • Austin Shirey 08/11/2012 at 6:25 am

          Very well said. I can't really disagree with you!

  3. David "The Exil 08/10/2012 at 6:46 pm

    No, no no – Kyle needs to stay in New Guardians. They spent the last year establishing Kyle's role as a leader there. It's his team.

    And remember, it was getting Hal off the table for a while that gave us Kyle to begin with.

    I have a theory about the gun Baz is a cop, NYPD or maybe Coast City. And I am willing to bet he's the kind of cop that is not a big fan of superheros and the mess they bring. Suddenly finding himself caught up in their world.

    Baz is Arabic for Falcon

    • Austin Shirey 08/11/2012 at 6:28 am

      I do like having Kyle with the New Guardians – that title has been one of the most fun and well-written comics of the New 52. I really do hope that Johns can pull this off and make it good, but it just seems needless. And I still stand by my comment about Baz – I can't stand his design or the fact that he carries a gun. Here's hoping Johns can pull this off in a way that I recant my statements at the end of this arc. Until them, I'm pissed.

  4. The Crimson Blur 08/11/2012 at 4:35 am

    Thanks for the update! I'll miss Hal. By the way, the new site design looks awesome.

  5. The_Paisley_Lantern 08/30/2012 at 5:33 am

    I love what Geoff Johns has been doing with GL. In fact, all of the GL titles have been my favorite story arcs of the new 52, and, given what the Guardians have been planning, it makes sense that they would arrange to have Jordan go missing. He's the only Lantern whose shown that he has the willpower to kill a Guardian.

    And, while I understand your angst at him going missing…its comics. They killed Superman and he came back. They killed Batman and he came back. How long do you really think a missing Hal Jordan will remain missing?

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