Some of you who read my recent review of Green Lantern #11 will no doubt remember how I said that Geoff Johns was scaring me, because, among other things, that issue hinted at Hal Jordan disappearing in the future with the new gun-toting Green Lantern named Baz seemingly taking his place. You’ll also remember that I said that I trust Geoff Johns and I believed he had the best for the character, the series, and ultimately us – the fans! – in mind.

I am now starting to severely doubt Geoff Johns and his handling of Green Lantern, especially in regards to our beloved hero Hal Jordan.

What changed, you asked? What changed is the fact that I came across a disturbing press release from DC Comics. The press release began with “After Hal Jordan goes missing…” According to series editor Matt Idelson, after Green Lantern Annual #1, Hal will be “MIA in a big way.” The Justice League will be descending upon the new Green Lantern to find out who he is, and what – if anything – he’s done to their teammate Hal.

Things are indeed beginning to look very grimm for us GL fans. Here’s to hoping Geoff Johns knows what he’s doing, because those of us – myself very much included – who love Green Lantern because it’s about Hal Jordan may stop following the series so faithfully if he takes it too far in this crazy, ridiculous direction.

You can read the official DC Comics press release below.

The “Rise of the Third Army” continues!


After Hal Jordan goes missing, many questions will be left hanging. Particularly for the Justice League, as they decide to go after the new Green Lantern to demand answers about their absent team member. Flying into stores on November 7th, GREEN LANTERN #14 comes to you from the acclaimed creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artists Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy.


“We’re going to be meeting a brand new Green Lantern in issue #0, and unlike his predecessors, he’s not the sort of guy you’d be expecting to wear the ring. That’s putting it mildly,” teased series editor Matt Idelson. “After the events of GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1, Hal Jordan is MIA in a very big way, and our new Green Lantern finds himself in a new role, though his troubled life isn’t going to go away in the slightest. In fact it’s the things he’s notorious for that in large part bring the Justice League into the picture—they want to know what’s happened to Hal, and what this guy thinks he’s doing filling the role of Green Lantern. It’s going to be intense, but also very, very cool.”


Below, take an exclusive first look at GREEN LANTERN #14 by checking out Doug Mahnke and Mark Irwin’s cover for the issue.