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DC Comics And Beyond – Talon #0

Wayne Hall 09/26/2012 Reviews

The “Zero” issues from DC’s “New 52″ “come to a close this week, so I’m focusing on the excellent Talon #0.

Here’s the book’s description: “A new series featuring the Court of Owls’ unstoppable killing machine! Meet Calvin Rose, the only Talon ever to escape the grasp of the Court of Owls. This former assassin just wants to live a normal life … but that’s impossible since he’s being hunted by his former masters!”

It does this old Batman fan’s heart good to see the Dark Knight flying so high! This week, James T. Tynion IV and Guillem March (with Scott Snyder, of course) add a new character to the Bat-family, and he’s quite the amazing person!

If anyone tells you that no one can come up with any new villains or baddie organizations, don’t you believe it! The Court of Owls is a prime example that creativity can continue to make comics very much worth buying and reading!

DC Comics, New 52, Scott Snyder, Batman, Talon, Court of Owls, James T. Tynion IV, Guillem March, Mark Waid, Dark Knight, Watchmen, Zero issues, Sixth Gun, Star Trek, Hit-GirlI’m fascinated by Calvin Rose, who has been abused, then abandoned as a child. Like Bruce Wayne, he’s had a difficult childhood. Unlike Mr. Wayne, his father is the source of the problem! Rose eventually ends up with Haley’s Circus, who we now know trains the Talons, assassins for the Court of Owls. There Rose is trained, but eventually develops problems with the morality of what he’s assigned to do. He goes on the run (again), but this time he’s going to have to keep away from the remnants of the Court of Owls, hopefully making a positive difference with those he encounters. Is he reluctant hero or escaping baddie? Time will tell!

Tynion and co-plotter Snyder’s pacing is enticing, keeping the reader moving through the comic briskly. Also, March’s art is clear and dynamic, so he does his part to keep us all engaged as we read. I kept saying to myself, “NOW what’s going to happen?!”

This is now my favorite of the “Zero” issues that hit the stands this month (just ahead of Batman #0)! I simply can’t wait for next month’s “first” issue! Wow! Just when I thought the Bat-books couldn’t get any better (and I mean that in a good way)!

DC Comics, Hero Worship, New 52, Scott Snyder, Batman, Talon, Court of Owls, James T. Tynion IV, Guillem March, Mark Waid, Dark Knight, Watchmen, Zero issues, Sixth Gun, Star Trek, Hit-GirlThis Week’s “New 52” Reviews: For the final time, I’m going to do my best to rate the rest of the new “Zero” issues! Batman: The Dark Knight #12 has Batman hunting down Joe Chill, the murderer of his parents. Aquaman shows the Sea King encountering Atlantis for the first time. I also really enjoyed The Flash, in which the Scarlet Speedster’s origin in refined. Teen Titans continues to follow Tim Drake’s becoming Red Robin. Next, I enjoyed Superman, as we returned to Krypton. The Savage Hawkman has a great cover, then reveals Hawkman’s connection to Thanagar and why he came to Earth! Justice League Dark focuses on John Constantine. The Fury Of Firestorm has Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond trying to return to civilian life after losing the power of the Firestorm Protocols. All-Star Western asks how Jonah Hex got his scar, Voodoo #12 features the truth about Pris. I, Vampire has another cool cover, then displays how Andrew Bennett became a vampire! Fun reads all!

Other books worth picking up this week included Absolute Green Lantern Sinestro Corp War, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #3, National Comics: Rose And Thorn #1 and Phantom Lady #2 from DC Comics; Steed and Mrs. Peel Ongoing #1 from BOOM! Studios; Happy #1, Invincible #95 and Super Dinosaur #14 from Image; Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who #5 from IDW; Sixth Gun #25 from Oni Press; Hit-Girl #3 and Takio #3 from Marvel; Hero Worship #3 from Avatar; as well as Bionic Man #13, Shadow Annual #1 and The Spider #5 from Dynamite!

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