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DC Comics And Beyond – Detective Comics #13

Wayne Hall 10/03/2012 ZDONOTUSE

The “Zero” books from DC’s “New 52″ are now over, so we’re back to the “regular” issues. Being a big Batman fan, I was more than a little curious how the new creative team on Detective Comics would do, so that’s where I’m focusing this week!

Here’s the book’s description: “All kneel before Emperor Penguin! There’s a hit out on Bruce Wayne! This new story from writer John Layman (Chew) guest stars Nightwing!”

I felt sorry that Tony S. Daniel was leaving Detective behind for other projects. After all, he had what I think was THE most talked-about final page in the “New 52,” containing the skin from the Joker’s face hanging on a wall! People STILL refer to it!

And I was concerned when I heard that the writer from Image’s Chew was taking over. Mr. Layman started one of the most unique comics on the stands, but I feel that it’s lost a lot of its special nature in the last year or so. What would this guy do with the Dark Knight?

Turns out he’s building on what Gregg Hurwitz has done with the Penguin in that excellent mini-series “Penguin: Pain and Prejudice.” Good idea!

DC Comics, New 52, Wayne Hall, Batman, Detective Comics, Penguin, Oswald Cobblepott, Gregg Hurwitz, Green Lantern, Earth 2, Geoff Johns, Tony S. Daniel, Chew, John Layman, Image ComicsOswald Cobblepott is every bit the nasty that he has been recently, but he’s decided that he’s not content to be a major figure in Gotham’s criminal world. Now he wants to become a major player in the legitimate areas of the city as well. And the best way to accomplish that is to outdo Bruce Wayne.

There’s a wonderful portion of the book where Penguin decides he wants to keep Batman from interfering with his plans to take Mr. Wayne down from his high perch, so he plots crimes to keep the Dark Knight occupied. But Oswald can’t figure out what’s keeping Bruce Wayne from showing up at a big dedicatory ceremony. Interesting twist there that I enjoyed!

Jason Fabok’s art is a good fit with the other artists now inhabiting the Bat-family of books, so I liked it quite a lot!

I’ll miss Mr. Daniel’s work on Detective, but this new team has exceeded my already high expectations! I love that Batman just keeps soaring higher and higher, so don’t miss this great debut for the new team!

DC Comics, New 52, Wayne Hall, Batman, Detective Comics, Penguin, Oswald Cobblepott, Gregg Hurwitz, Green Lantern, Earth 2, Geoff Johns, Tony S. Daniel, Chew, John Layman, Image ComicsThis Week’s “New 52” Reviews: Earth 2 continues to be a terrific surprise of a comic, so don’t miss it! Issue #5 came out this week! Action Comics #13 has an excellent Grant Morrison story, bringing back to Superman a long-loved character from the hero’s mythology. Swamp Thing and Animal Man each continue the “Rotworld” story but from the perspective of each main character and their unique takes on what’s happened. Green Lantern #13 continues to explore the new GL. World’s Finest is another great outing from Paul Levitz, this time with artists George Perez, Jerry Ordway and Wes Craig. Batwing #13 has the hero combating Father Lost. Stormwatch brings The Demon from Demon Knights into the mix. This month’s Green Arrow concludes his battle in China. GI Combat stars The Haunted Tank and The Unknown Soldier. Also, the new Dial H continues its odd ways. Good reading all!

Out this week of note are Before Watchmen: Rorschach #2, Legends of the Dark Knight #1, Smallville Season 11 #6 and Sweet Tooth #38 from DC; Garfield #6, Hypernaturals #4 and Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #2 from BOOM! Studios; Doctor Who Vol. 3 #1 from IDW; Avengers Academy #38, Road to Oz #2 and Avengers vs. X-Men #12 (Check out our review here!) from Marvel; Fatale #8, Guarding the Globe #2 and Thief of Thieves #8 from Image; as well as Bionic Woman #5 and Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #16 from Dynamite!

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