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DC comic review: Sinestro #2 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/26/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Sinestro #2

Bunn, Eaglesham


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

The aftermath of Sinestro’s rescue mission involving the Korugarians that were slated for sacrifice has attracted the attention of these pale creatures who demanded the tributes (last issue) . Apparently, they can track emotion. These creatures are but an afterthought in the over all narrative of this issue.

sinestro #2 1

The main event is the battle of Sinestro against the corp that bears his name. A battle made necessary and inevitable by Arkillo’s decision to take Sinestro’s Green Lantern daughter as a hostage. Sinestro and Lyssa Drak are not only fighting, but analyzing the members of the corp. Oddly enough, Arkillo comes off like a petulant child, while Sinestro wishes to take back his corp because his code was not being followed.

Upon defeating Arkillo, in a burst of lantern mastery, Sinestro demonstrates a power that no other lantern has displayed in any corp across the universe; The ability to deconstruct and destroy a ring with a thought.

sinestro #2 2

With his dominance no longer in question, Sinestro returns to his daughter to tie up a few loose ends. First, he asks her to use her skills as a doctor to help the Korugarians he rescued. Second, he “asks” her to “fix” Arkillo, I think, as an apology for how he treated her.

With things smoothed over with his daughter, Sinestro is back at the business of running the mess that was once his own private army of fear. He collects “loyal” members of the corp and sends them to find those other troops who will be less than willing to follow Sinestro’s new mission objectives. He leads this small battalion out into space, to a prison planet by the name of Necropolis. The planet is full of old, frail murderers who have been all but forgotten. The planet is to be claimed for Sinestro’s disenfranchised people, and the moon for his soldiers.

A wave of yellow light washes over Necropolis.

sinestro #2 3

The fight is joined with a second objective in mind. Sinestro’s newest luitenants, Dez Trevius and Rigen Kale, are using the flurry of battle to strike down the potential detractors of his leadership.

This issue really shows the many facets of Sinestro. He is a man of emotional depth, driven to fight uneven odds for a daughter that despises him. He is calculating enough to analyze his troops even in the midst of battle. He is merciless enough to break a leader under his heel, and merciful enough to leave him breathing. He is compassionate and noble enough to embark on the insurmountable task of rebuilding an entire society he has failed to protect, and wryly amusing, even unto his punishment of his underlings. His relentlessness is second only to his vision of the necessary, as his deception of the troops that follow him hardly makes him blink an eye, as long as it serves his consolidation of power. Geoff Johns made us love Sinestro during his run of the Green Lantern series, and the new creative team has taken that sentiment and ran with it.

sinestro #2 4

Maybe next month we will  learn a bit more about this Church of Anti-emotion that is coming.

My rating 4 / 5

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