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DC comic Review: Batman Beyond Universe #9 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 04/30/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Batman Beyond Universe #9

Higgins, Cage, Silas, Guerrero, Soy


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Well home run swing, DC! This issue of Batman Beyond Universe starts interesting and ends completely strong. The beginning of the issue starts with some Jokerz committing a train robbery, escaping with the use of non-lethal force. We are thoroughly forced off balance when the brainier of the two Jokerz reveals himself to Terry McGinnis. A very blond, very criminal, Terry McGinnis. Some dramatic bits with Terry’s mom lead us to see an altogether different Terry than we are used to, when the McGinnis we are used to shows up, begging him for help.


The portion of the issue dealing with the newly returned Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne is actually terribly interesting. I was not personally aware of the Justice Lords, so the history lesson that Superman gives Batman is not only well written and informative, it doesn’t FEEL like exposition. After the lengthy explanation, Terry asks the big question about the two Wonder Women;

“How do we know for sure which one came back?”

While Bruce takes Wonder Woman for a walk, Superman enters the Bat cave and confirms that she IS Wonder Woman. He also reveals what Superman and Bruce want from Terry, to send him into the alternate world, and find Lord Batman.

The question of which Wonder Woman is amongst them is made more complicated by her reaction to a kidnapper with Bruce Wayne in his sights. She not only defends Bruce, but uses a far heavier hand than she needs to. Wonder Woman has always had a hard edge, and now she has decades of war under her belt, so the engagement doesn’t do much more than muddle the answer.

Terry jumps into the alternate world and finds himself hunted by Dick Grayson and a squad of troops loyal to the Justice Lords. Terry’s suit is knocked out and he barely escapes, and this is where we find Terry asking his alternate self for help. During his discussion with his more Jokery self, he finds that Lord Batman is dead at the hands of the other Justice Lords.

Batman Beyond 2

The Justice League Beyond meets Wonder Woman and each of them has their own bit to say. Becoming emotionally overwhelmed, Superman leads her away to talk to her about what his tuition tells him, her beloved Lord Batman is dead. Taking the opportunity to talk freely, she relates the tale of Batman’s death and how the world is coming along. Her monologue begins to gain a harder edge, talking about the destruction and murder of the main enemies to the Justice League.

The rest of the League is eavesdropping and discussing the same question of which Wonder Woman has shown up to save the day. All of a suddent he teleporter activates…and Lord Superman steps into the Watchtower. Before Mr. Miracle can shut down the teleporter, the Justice Lords Beyond have entered as well. Battle is joined, and the JLB is quickly overtaken.  The issue ends with Lord Superman revealing that Wonder Woman…is his wife!

Batman Beyond 3

If ever a comic had deserved an OMG, it was this one. The excellent use of the Justice Lords in a beyond comic is exactly what the beyond timeline is for; taking old and interesting threats and advancing them as far as Batman. The twisted and circular storytelling, the ambiguous nature of Wonder Woman, and the introduction of brand new enemies, this issue is a must read and has guaranteed my reading for the foreseeable future!

My rating 5 / 5

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