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DC Comic Review: Batman Beyond Universe #8 – Spoiled

David Hinspeter 03/20/2014 DO NOT USE, Features

Batman Beyond Universe #8

Gage, Higgins, Coello, Silas, Lean


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Batman Beyond Universe is one of the best values in the DC lineup. In nearly every issue you get a story based entirely on our beloved protagonist, Terry McGinnis. Alongside this story, we also get a story focusing on the Justice League of the Batman Beyond time period.

Issue #8 opens on the Justice League storyline. For several issues, the Justice League Beyond have been trying to fend of Brainiac as he is trying to turn Earth into a Brainiac satellite. Thus far, the two plans have been to fight Brainiac with magic, while Micron and the Flash are spreading a magical computer virus through the systems of the world that will bar him from retreating from his final body. The first obstacle to this plan is that Brainiac’s main body is made entirely of Nth metal, which, for you non-Hawkman fans out there, has a powerful anti-magic property.

Batman Beyond Universe

In the face of this nearly impervious shell, all of the magical allies that the Justice League had gathered begin to flee the fight. Mr. Miracle hatches a plan to strike a single weak point with Aquaman’s trident as the heavier hitters of the JLB are losing ground. The plan is pulled off successfully, but is shown to be futile as Aquaman is struck down. This sacrifice rallies the JLB and they all return to battle with fervor.

Despite the righteous fury of the remaining JLB, Brainiac is winning. That is, until a familiar face joins the skirmish.  Wonder Woman single-handedly turns the tide. Brainiac tries to retreat and finds that he cannot due to the Flash and Micron spreading the virus. All of the previous attempts to defeat Brainiac coalesce as Captain Marvel is freed from the Nth metal nanobites that had controlled his actions. He acknowledges that he can’t break through the Nth metal shell, but he can channel his magical lightning through the trident that had punctured the shell during Aquaman’s gambit.

With the battle wrapping up, the characters deal with the sacrifices and fallout of the wages of battle. The Justice League portion of the book ends with Superman revealing that Wonder Woman is a Justice Lord.

This is an interesting prospect. Comic fans love talking about Batman versus Superman, but the other leg of the trinity, Superman versus Wonder Woman could be just as interesting.

Returning to the Batman Beyond storyline, the legacy of Batman and Man-Bat are still engrossed in fighting as the bomb that Kirk Langstrom has activated in desperation begins to count down. Terry finds his way inside and attacks Man-Bat, trying to stop his suicidal plan. He is stopped by Bruce Wayne, respecting Langstrom’s decision to end himself because he understands the immense pressure his choices have placed on him.

Batman Beyond Universe

Due to some of the statements Bruce said to Terry, a potential rift between Dick Grayson and Batman is prevented, and Terry even gives an old foe a second chance.

This was an excellent way to wrap up the current storyline, if a bit melancholy. Despite the happy ending for our protagonist, it is hard to shake the panel of Langstrom’s lover being devastated by his death.

For fan’s of the lore involving the original bat-family, Batmon Beyond Universe #8 has a third bit of story, resolving the romantic history between Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson.

All in all, this was a good milestone issue. Both endings were interesting and engaging, although I closed the back cover feeling like there was something more I should have taken away from the Batman storyline. The stories seem poised to take a running leap next month, but the suspense just isn’t killing me.

My rating: 4/5


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