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DC Acquires “The Tyrant”

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As reported by Variety, DC will acquire Jon Land’s “The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending” in a deal with King Midas World Entertainment.  The novel will be adapted as a comic and movie property, according to King Midas head honcho Fabrizio Boccardi.  In an interview Boccardi stated, “Honestly, I want to build a franchise. I know it’s not an easy task but I’d like to create something that can endure longer than just three movies.”

Producers Peter Graves and Moritz Borman have been in negotiations for the film since late 2008.  A script by Christopher Kyle, screenplay author of 2004’s “Alexander,” has been completed for over a year and DC jumped aboard sometime in 2009.  With DC occupied by initial planning and leadership restructuring leading up to this month’s announcement of the Relaunch, little progress had been made.  Now, with all the pieces set in motion we can hope to see both a movie and comic debut sometime late next year.

Boccardi is pitching Michael “The Tyrant” Tiranno as “the Batman of Las Vegas,” and obviously has big plans for the story.  Tiranno, an orphaned child turned Las Vegas crime lord, is a character full of backstory to draw upon with a plethora of peons crushed along the way that will probably come back to cause him trouble.  Jon Land himself has only published the first book in what is sure to be an ongoing series; the fourth continuous character in a string of books by the author.  The latest of which being “Strong Justice,” which focused on the character Caitlin Strong, is alsol on the best seller’s list and named Top Thriller of the Year by the Library Journal.  Where Land will take the Tyrant in subsequent books, what DC’s role in plot developement and tie-in will be, and if we’ll be seeing any of Land’s other characters in panel layout is still anyone’s guess.  If you have such a guess or any other comments for our readers please leave them below.

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