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Dark Horse to Run New Iteration of Ghost Series

Rachel Crisson 04/04/2012 Reviews

Dark Horse announced at Emerald City Comic Con that Dark Horse Presents: 13, which will be available for purchase June 20, 2012, will debut the first stories in a new incarnation of Ghost. The title, following protagonist Elisa Cameron, will be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by Phil Noto, whose art will be on the cover of DHP:13. Says DeConnick of seeing the character come together:

There’s something about her, something about the way Phil draws her . . . I think it’s in the eyes. It’s like he’s given her a soul. She’s equal parts charismatic and creepy for me to work with, honestly.

Although it first ran in the Comics’ Greatest World series in 1993, the new Ghost will not necessarily be following the stories of its past, says DeConnick.

The new series is a fresh start, an alternative take. No prior knowledge of the character or the universe is necessary. There’s a good chance you’ll be into this one too.

Ghost will have a “zero issue” before the actual “first issue,” which will collect the stories from Dark Horse Presents: 13 and catch up readers who may not have picked up DHP:13, which I think is pretty cool. That issue (Ghost #0) will be available September 19, 2012; while Ghost #1 will become available October 10, 2012.

The eponymous character of Ghost.

Who read Ghost the first time around? What are you looking forward to in the new series, and what do you hope they keep the same? Is anybody else interested to see what kind of crossovers they do this time, considering the first series paired up with the likes of Hellboy and The Mask? Who’s gonna pick up the first, er, zero issue?

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