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Dark Horse Previews – Eltingville Club and Dream Thief!

Travis McIntire 03/17/2014 News

Dark Horse is responsible for 2 of my top 5 all time favorite titles, so when they send previews for new stuff, I take notice. Well, I tried to anyway. When the preview email arrived, I eagerly clicked it open to see what was inside. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed. It was just a teaser. A single image. A cool piece of art to be sure. And a mysterious tagline, “He’s Back. With a vengeance,” it told me. Cryptic, but the teaser is just a part of comic book life us over-eager entertainment journalists must endure. I was really wanting more…but a wise man once said, “You don’t always get what you want.”  So, here it is! Enjoy a Dream Thief teaser image and get excited!

dark horse dream thief

Our next title to preview gave me a little bit more to work with. Writer/Artist Evan Dorkin’s long-running and multiple award-winning title, The Eltingville Club, seems to be coming to a close. I got to read a few sample pages, and it looks like one of the boys finally gets to run the comic shop and the pressures of being on the other side of counter become too much to deal with, tearing the club apart! Fans of this group, from its inception in Dork! through a single animated episode on Adult Swim have been waiting years for this! Anyone new to the series should find plenty of nerd culture to laugh at as well! Look for it April 23rd, 2014.

eltingville cover2

 eltingville2 - Dark Horse



Eltingville Club and Dream Thief, coming soon from Dark Horse!

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