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Dark Horse Comics Wednesday Release List – 09/21/2011

Nicole Sixx 09/22/2011 ZDONOTUSE

This week in Dark Horse Comics


News... (Spoiler alert, all of them are AMAZING. Seriously, it has been a great week of headlines for Dark Horse Comics. Totally unreal. Also, really digging the addition of #musicmondays. Keep up the awesome work!!!)


Finding the House of Night Cover Artist

#MyBuffyLife Guest Blog – by Wenxina at SlayAlive

The Criminal Macabre Writing Process – by Steve Niles

Evelyn Evelyn – An Afterword by Neil Gaiman

Dark Horse Presents: You!

Mass Effect: Invasion – A Story in Covers

Return to Eden

#MyBuffyLife Guest Blog – by Katherine Páez Ramos

Lobster Johnson Returns in “Tony Masso’s Finest Hour” – in Dark Horse Presents # 9

Remembering Dylan Williams

#MyBuffyLife Guest Blog – by Daniel Sheldrick

Classic Marvel Characters #1: Spider-Man On Sale Now From Dark Horse Deluxe!

Star Wars Friday – Knight Errant Space Ships!

Dark Horse in the Headlines: September 16th

Evelyn Evelyn – Interview with Amanda Palmer – Part 1

Evelyn Evelyn – Jason Webley’s Music Monday

Rock Your Local Comic-Book Shop! Win A Release Party For Tom Morello’s Orchid from Dark Horse!

Eisner Winners Part 2 – by Scott Allie





B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia #1


Conan: Road of Kings #8


Dark Horse Presents #4 (Fiona Staples cover)


Dark Horse Presents #4 (Geof Darrow variant cover)


Dark Horse Presents #4 (Michael Kaluta ultra variant cover)


The Guild: Clara (one-shot) (Greg Aronowitz variant cover)


The Guild: Clara (one-shot) (Howard Chaykin cover)


Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #3


Star Wars: Jedi—The Dark Side #5


Star Wars: Knight Errant—Deluge




Berserk Volume 35 (trade-paperback collection)


Creepy Archives Volume 11 Hardcover


Evelyn Evelyn


Mass Effect Volume 2: Evolution TPB


Star Wars Omnibus: Episodes I-VI—The Complete Saga TPB


Welp, there you have it! I strongly recommend Evelyn Evelynfor all of my fellow goths out there, and don’t forget to pop by Dark Horse’s digital site to catch all their new releases and free comic goodness!


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