Busy Dark Horse release day this Wednesday and clearly I’m a bit behind so I’m just gonna lay it out for you in one collective shot and you guys can click each link/cover art to learn more!!



Duncan Fegredo Reflects on Hellboy: The Fury

5 Questions with Rebekah Isaacs

Recreate a Hellboy Cover Contest – Results

August Cover Variants

Conan – The Mask of Acheron Sells Out!

Hellboy: The Fury #3 Sells Out


How crazy is that?? Major congrats to Mike Mignola and the whole of the Hellboy crew!! Seriously awesome, guys!!


Alright, now for the COMICS!!:





And finally the TOYS!! It’s a Bettie Page invasion this week!!

So much Bettie!! Fellow bang-lovers rejoice! Ah, don’t forget to pop by Dark Horse’s digital site to catch all their new releases and free comic goodness. See you guys soon with more awesome SDCC goodness! – N