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Dark Horse Comics Wednesday Release List – 07/20/2011

Nicole Sixx 07/20/2011 Reviews

Tons of awesome Dark Horse News for all you fell San Diego Comic Con travelers infiltrating the news feed this week, let us begin!


First off we have the…

Dark Horse Comics – SDCC Events Schedule


Next, a few tasty Dollhouse bits for all you fellow Whedon fans, can you find Echo?

Dollhouse: Do you know who you are?

Where is Echo


Next another taste of the Whedon universe in…

Making of a Cover by Steve Morris – Angel & Faith


Also in town for all you fellow dwellers in the City of Angels, we have something special honoring the great Stan Sakai! For those of you who can’t make it out, I will have a full feature on it next month.

Year of the Rabbit: Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo – by Brendan Wright


Next, another awesome behind the scenes treat via…

Making of a Cover: Rage #2 by Glenn Fabry



Next, more must-read SDCC news!! I will of course be covering as much of this as I can for you, so make sure to follow me on twitter for onsite goodies! Dark Horse too, but you really should be doing that already.

Top 10 DH Highlights at SDCC!


Next, a MASS-ive celebration over the hugeness that I mentioned in last week’s release list. Good times.



More SDCC goodness, particularly for all you fellow Star Wars Fans!!

SDCC – Star Wars Panel!

Dark Horse Presents Panel: THE SDCC 2011 Panel

SDCC: Dark Horse Comics Swag


Heh, then a bit of faux SDCC news for you guys considering the upcoming DHP panel at comic con.

Obama Quits Office, “Can’t Handle” Comic-Con Panel


Btw!! At the same time as the DHP panel, the wonderful Mike Mignola will be interviewing the fantastic Dave Stewart in room 4, and signing afterward at table aa19.


My feelings on this went such as:

Nicole Sixx: “I’d like to go to that!! It’s at the same time as DHP though. I wish I had clones. o.o”


To which Mike replied:

Mike Mignola: “Dark Horse set it up like that so we couldn’t cause trouble at their panel.”


I laughed. A lot.


On that note! Many other great Dark Horse minds will be participating in Tr!ckster, an event that will be running parallel to SDCC very nearby. A Scott Morse brainchild, it is a must visit for all fellow lovers of Indie and Comics. I will be covering both the symposium with Mike Mignola on Thursday as well as the one with Steve Niles on Sunday. Other great Dark Horse creators are involved and I would definitely cover all of them if I could.


Next, some Star Wars Friday goodness!

Star Wars Friday – Agent of the Empire Photo Reference


Followed by advice from the fantastic Scott Allie for all you crazy er… brave souls choosing to pitch at SDCC.

A little Comic-Con advice from editor Scott Allie


Next, some Tim Steely love via…

The Occultist Acquires New Power!


Then more insane SDCC goodness!! Make sure you read this one!!

$500 Digital Giveaway


Finally SDCC Teaser number three is revealed!! What is it?? Well, I have some theories but let’s wait until they’re facts.



Next, “just in time for” SDCC we have…

The Return of Bob Burden’s Mysterymen!



And finally some Valve action to wrap up the week!

Dark Horse Teams Up With Valve!

Editor Rachel Edidin is excited for the Valve hardcover


Alrighty! Exciting stuff be sure! I can’t wait for it to be tomorrow night!!


Hee, and now for the Comics.


Kicking things off with some Conan for you guys this week in Conan: The Island of No Return #2. Click on the cover art below to learn more and peak inside!


Next off, a must have for myself and highly recommended for the rest of you as Criminal Macabre/The Goon: When Freaks Collide (Eric Powell variant cover) sweeps the nation in two awesome variants!! Click on each cover art below to learn more and peak inside this awesome comic.



Then, the saga continues for you fans in Rage #2. Click on the cover art below to get details and to sneak a look inside.


Lastly, two awesome Star Wars titles hitting your local shelves. First we have Star Wars: Jedi—The Dark Side #3! Click on the cover art below to peak inside and get more details.


And then we have Star Wars: The Old Republic—The Lost Suns #2. Click on the cover art below for a sneak peak inside, and more awesome details.


Now for the Books!


First off more Conan goodness via Conan the Barbarian: The Mask of Acheron TPB. Click on the cover art below to learn more and peak inside.


And lastly, we have a highly recommended favorite of mine which I would to review should I get the time. At the very least, I should probably have it on my show. I speak of course of The Damned Highway: Fear and Loathing in Arkham. With a title like that, you know you just gotta click on the cover art below to peak inside and get all the details!


No Toys this week so that concludes this week’s Wednesday release list! Don’t forget to pop by Dark Horse’s digital site to catch all their new releases and free comic goodness, and I’ll see all you guys on twitter for Comic Con!! – N

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