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Dark Horse Comics Wednesday Release List – 07/06/2011

Nicole Sixx 07/06/2011 Reviews

Happy Wednesday fellow Dark Horse Comics fans!! Lot’s of awesome News for you this week so let’s kick it off right away with something for all you fellow Whedon fans.

Dollhouse: Who are the Butchers?


Next, something happy and fun for all you Beast of Burden fans in the latest Dark Horse Presents.

Return of the Pack in DHP #4!


Also, in an effort to show just how amazing and Indie Dark Horse truly is, DH has partnered up with Comic Shops across the land to help keep digital sales and comic book sales together in the Dark Horse family.  I told you they’d take care of us right in this new digital age.

Exclusive Digital Comics Available from your Retailer


Next we have a mysterious teaser for you all, what could it be??

SDCC Teaser


And lastly on the list something awesome for all you fellow Falling Skies fans as Dark Horse is hosting another one of their awesome twitter meet-ups in this Thursday’s#fallingskiescomic live chat with writer Paul Tobin, and of course all of us! I’ll definitely be there to cover it for you guys so come join in the fun!!

Falling Skies: Live Twitter Chat w/ Paul Tobin


Now onto Comics


First we treat all of you Conan fans with the Conan: The Frazetta Cover Series #8. Find out more and peak inside by clicking the cover art below.


After Conan we have this week’s featured “Editor’s Pick”, Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #7. Learn more and check out a free preview by clicking the cover art below.


Lastly in today’s Comics section we have two more awesome Solomon Kane variant covers as Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #4 (Gregory Manchess Variant cover) and Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #4 (Guy Davis Regular cover) hit your local comic shop. Click on each variant cover art below to learn more and peak inside!!


Onto the Books!


Right of the bat we have something very exciting for all you fellow Angel fans in the Angel Omnibus! The omnibus includes four issues written by Joss Whedon and chronicles the earliest adventures in the Angel saga. A must-have for any die-hard fan to be sure! Find out more and check out a peak inside by clicking on the awesome cover art below!


Next we have another omnibus, this one something special for all you fellow Manga fans as Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus Edition hits the shelves. Click the cover art below to find out more and peak inside.


Lastly, something awesome for all of you fellow Stan Sakai fans as we receive both the Usagi Yojimbo Volume 25: Fox Hunt and the Usagi Yojimbo Volume 25: Fox Hunt HC. Check out more info on each and peak inside by clicking each cover art below!


And now for the Toys!! Only one today, click on it to lean more!


Well, that wraps up this Wednesday, don’t forget to pop by Dark Horse’s digital site to catch all their new releases and free comic goodness.


Hope you guys can all make it to the #fallingskiescomic twitter chat, if not I will have all the awesome details for you soon! – N

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