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Dark Horse Comics Review: Veil #2 – Spoiled

David Hinspeter 04/02/2014 Reviews

Veil #2

Rucka, Fejzula


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Veil number two opens with another collage of images. This time, we are presumably seeing the police in the aftermath of final events of the previous issue. Immediately, we find ourselves back with Dante and Veil, running from the cops through the early morning streets. To avoid a passing police cruiser, the duo duck into a dark alley that has no exit. Dante struggles to figure out how they are going to proceed, when he looks back at their blocked path…and it is miraculously no longer blocked.

Veil 1

Eyes wide and flabbergasted, Dante asks if Veil was responsible. In reply, she offers her hand again and he takes it. Once again they are on the run. This is a good place to mention an element of the story that hasn’t yet been explained. Rats seem to be a major part of Veil’s imagery and there is one traveling in her coat.

The two stop off in an all-night diner and Dante explains that the two of them will just blend in as a couple of late night diners and hope no cops show up. Finally, Veil speaks of her own volition without parroting words she is hearing. She asks Dante to answer her question…

“Who am I?”

Dante, struck by the question, he poses one of his own. Listing the fantastic things she has done, Dante wants to know what she is. Her explanation is almost tragically simple:  Vincent wanted to hurt her and Dante, and Dante had been kind to her. Dante explains that she is attractive enough that everyone will like her, especially if she is naked, like she was. From Veil’s dialogue, it is clear she doesn’t understand why naked is any different.

veil 2

For the first time, the story jumps to a character that isn’t immediately dealing with our gorgeous and dangerous protagonist. Here we meet Cormac, an arcane character of some kind and his client. From their discussion, we discover that whatever group hired Cormac is condoning the murder of five people for some summoning spell. The client claims that Cormac has failed, and though arcane freelancer attempts to explain the variables, the client still attempts to have him killed.

Cormac warns the gunmen, but in his loyalty to his boss, he tries to attack anyway. A quick splash and spell later, the gunmen is crying out in pain as he appears to succumb from some sort of cancer or boils before being stomped to death.

Cormac is surprisingly civil with the client, whose names is Scarborough, and hands him the gunmen-spattered pistol and leaves the man in shock. Cormac finds himself in the subway, and grabs a rat, before heading towards his final destination.

At this point, we return to Dante and Veil whom are still at the diner and she thinks that she may be getting hungry. Dante offers her some waffles and notices that police have entered the diner. Dante begins to warn Veil to stay calm, but there is a problem.  Veil seems to come completely unhinged, tossing the waffles on the floor and accusing Dante of hurting her. The police obviously take notice and come to check out what the problem is. One of the cops gets a hungry look in his eye, and makes to take Veil somewhere “safe”.

The scene quickly splits into two:  Dante struggling to explain what’s going while being arrested and a slow walk outside for Veil and her slimy police officer. The lawman leads her into an alley and handcuffs her. You get the feeling this isn’t his first time acting in such a way, as he starts by telling her that she should be quiet and that she doesn’t want to fight him. She mentions that she didn’t say he could touch her, and then kisses him in an overly passionate fashion.

Back to Dante, in cuffs and being lead from the diner, screaming for Veil. He continues to try and explain about his companion, when the police officer finally begins looking for his partner. A partner that is white as a sheet, and when the officer touches him, he pops like a bubble and falls into what looks like large splashes of water.

Our final page shows Cormac, glowing green and enchanting the rat from the subway. At the end of the spell, the vermin is given a task.

“…bring her to me.”

I was happy to have been right about the magic angle from the first splash of images on the first page of the first issue. Though that question was answered, it only brings with it more questions. Who does Scarborough work for? What does Cormac want from Veil? Again, I ask you, rats? Where has Veil gone and why did she turn on Dante? Hopefully, these questions are answered in next months installment in the dark and compelling series.

Want more Veil?  Check out Dark Horse Comics!

My Rating: 4.5/5

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