Dark Horse Comics has confirmed that Matt Kindt’s critically acclaimed hit comic book series Mind MGMT is set to run 36 issues total.

This follows on the heels of the recent announcement that Sir Ridley Scott is producing Mind MGMT for a big-screen release through filmmaker Twentieth Century Fox.

The next Mind MGMT arc begins in July with MIND MGMT #13. Dark Horse Comics says, “Prepare for MIND MGMT’s most surreal tales yet in this first in a series of one-shot stories! How will sleeper agent the Home Maker maintain her cover when Mind Management invades suburbia?”

For fans of the series Mind MGMT, this is extremely welcome news. Kindt also has another project in the works for Dark Horse Comics, which will be announced at a later date. This serves as an added bonus and keeps the creative partnership between Kindt and Dark Horse Comics together for the foreseeable future.Matt Kindt Mind MGMT

Mind MGMT tells the story of psychically powered agents who must adjust to a new life after the agency is dissolved. With characters like Henry Lyme and Meru, who tell the history of this secret organization through their interactions throughout the story, it has become one of the most intricate and intellectual titles in recent years.

Originally pitched as a twelve-issue series, Mind MGMT‘s success has allowed for its conversion into a longer running series and allows Kindt to expand on his original story.

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