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Dark Horse Comic Review: Veil #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/07/2014 DO NOT USE, Features

Veil #3

Rucka, Fejzula


I will most certainly be SPOILING!


The images that play such a crucial role on the first page of every issue of Veil #3 don’t feel as random as they have, but a few are misleading. This month we open on Cormac singing some ironic lyrics and setting the stage for some grand ritual of magic. The fuel for much of his magic seems to be the same red liquid he used to liquefy a henchman in last months issue. The company he seemingly betrayed is having him watched, but he is keen to their surveillance, and not at all worried about their presence.

However, that perceptiveness goes both ways, as Mr. Scarborough is onto his sorcerer for hire. The business man has guessed that Cormac wants Veil for himself and is trying to pull the proverbial wool over Scarborough’s eyes. He has hatched a plan involving special forces and using Cormac as bait to seize Veil.

The rat Cormac tasked with seeking out Veil finds her hiding in a doorway somewhere else in the city. How she has gotten here we can only guess as the last place we, the reader, had seen her was kissing a cop who burst into water afterwards. Interestingly enough, When the blood red rat finds the girl, her own vermin engages it in battle, trying to protect her one would assume. Having dispatched her guardian, the red rat bites her hand, which has an interesting effect.

The rat drains of his red coloring, but her large blue eyes turn crimson. She stumbles to her feet while the rat, freed of it’s compulsion, climes into her sleeve and becomes her companion. To be noted, the original guardian wakes up and vanishes into the sewers.

Veil finds her way back to the rundown church that Cormac is hiding in, right past the Special Forces that are waiting for her. Thanks to the rain, they do not see her until she is already past them, and it takes them a few minutes to prepare and call their employer. A few minutes is all it takes for Cormac to spring his trap, binding Veil in chains of fire that violently cause some kind of change or binding.

With only a few moments of bewildered hesitation, the men outside rush in to carry out their orders. Cormac looks exhausted and Veil is a mass huddled in the center of the arcane symbols. The men make to take Veil, only to find that her transformation makes that….difficult.

I found this month’s issue to be very brief, but that is just the consequence of the highly visual storytelling. The dialogue, especially dealing with Cormac and Veil is almost negligible, as it is only a few brief sentences and a a hearty helping of arcane gibberish. The transformation feels both rushed and very drastic considering the early nature of the story, but I’m hoping the writer has a plan for that. The best parts of this issue were certainly the magic bits; the rat like familiars, compulsions, and the final binding/working that effects our awkward protagonist. The brevity of the issue actually enhanced the experience, creating the mood of a situation spiraling out of control. I can’t wait to see just how far the spiral goes.

My rating 5 /5

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