As the Dark Ascension approaches to its grand debut on February 3rd, Wizards of the Coast has recently released the deck lists for five Intro Packs that will be available with the new set. This comes hot on the trail of a full spoiler, released only a few days ago. If you want to remain blissfully unaware of the sheer level of awesome that awaits, I’d suggest turning back now, because all is about to be told.

Okay? Okay.

Speaking as a beginner, these intro decks could not interest me more. What better way to get acquainted with a series (before making your own alterations of course) then to pick up one of these, and go. Sure, you’re not going to be winning tournaments any time soon with an introduction pack (If you can, you’re obviously on a greater level of humanity) but for a bit of fun with your friends while you test for yourself just what works and what doesn’t, it couldn’t get simpler.

Monstrous Surprise, a deck that focuses on bringing creatures out of the graveyard and back onto the battlefield  (In fact, sacrifice and ‘necromancy’ seem to be a theme here) is easily my favorite . But then, I was always a huge fan of Red/Green.  Be sure to check the link below for full deck lists. Which is your favorite? What stands out to you? Tell me what you think!

See The Full Deck Lists Here