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Dark Angel Saga Concludes in December

Michael Wirth 11/13/2011 Reviews

Marvel‘s Uncanny X-Force has been a critically acclaimed title, and deservedly so. Rick Remender has taken a rag-tag team of violent mutants, including Deadpool, Fantomex and even Deathlok, and placed them in many unexpected situations. The past few months have shown X-Force stuck in the Age of Apocalypse, coming toe-to-toe with an evil version of an old friend, Archangel. This December, the Dark Angel Saga comes to a thrilling end.

The Dark Angel Saga comes to an end in December. From Rick Remender and Jerome OpeñaDon’t miss the shocking conclusion to the critically acclaimed Dark Angel Saga from the blockbuster creative team of Rick Remender, Jerome Opeña & Dean White, this December in the polybagged Uncanny X-Force #18!

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I haven’t been keeping up with Uncanny X-Force, but I probably should be. The Age Of Apocalypse is one of my favorite storylines ever. Having X-Force revisit the AoA is a stroke of genius on Remender’s part, not to mention the news that they will be bringing a piece of that world back with them.

The final chapter of the storyline, Uncanny X-Force #18, will be released in December. The issue will hits stores in a finale-keeping polybag and offer fans a choice of two covers, one of which contains a spoiler. Though I haven’t been keeping up with the story, this news has enticed me to go back and revisit the arc. Between the writing and the art of Uncanny X-Force, it’s likely that I’ve been swayed to add the title to my pull list.


The Dark Angel Saga comes to an end in December. From Rick Remender and Jerome OpeñaUNCANNY X-FORCE #18 (OCT110676)




Colors by DEAN WHITE


FOC – 11/14/11, ON SALE – 12/7/11




The Dark Angel Saga comes to an end in December. From Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña

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  1. Andy Kirby 11/15/2011 at 5:54 pm

    I have to say that even though i'm not a huge fan of this arc, the story is intense and is a HUGE deal in the 616.

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